Sights of Virgin Islands

By | November 18, 2022

The Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, which can be divided into the United States Virgin Islands (US Virgin Islands) and the British Virgin Islands (British Virgin Islands). The adventurous tourists in particular will quickly feel attracted to this Caribbean destination. There is therefore plenty to experience and see. It is a destination where people often snorkel, swim, sail and walk. The islands are split between the British and US Virgin Islands. To the south are the US Virgin Islands, which are flatter again and of which St. Croix is ​​larger than the British variants. Road Town is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. The capital of the American Islands is located on the island of St. Thomas and that is Charlotte Amelie.

Virgin Islands Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Road Town
This capital is located on the main island of the British Virgin Islands. It was founded about 1648 by the Dutch West India Company. The downtown prison on Main Street is one of the oldest in the city. This is also the city where the cruises arrive. The ferries from surrounding islands also provide a lot of life in the harbor. Besides the harbor, many shops, some parks, banks, restaurants and other businesses, there is not much to do for tourists.

#2. The Baths
This area on the island of Virgin Gorda is spectacular for snorkelers. The area is decorated with various granite rocks, some of which have a diameter of more than ten meters. Some of these boulders make for very beautiful caves with sometimes very special light. The white sandy beaches ensure a wonderful day of enjoyment under the right conditions. Nearby Devil’s Bay is known for its beautiful coral.

#3. Sage Mountain National Park
The philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller has helped to set up this beautiful park thanks to his donation. It is located at the highest point in the British Virgin Islands, at 1,716 metres. As a result, it captures sufficient moisture from the clouds, which is very beneficial to the vegetation. There are about twelve different routes to follow in the park.

#4. JR O’Neal Botanical Gardens National Park
For a little escape from the busy city life of Road Town, you should definitely visit this park. In addition to the orchids, there are many different plants, flowers, trees, a herb garden, cacti and a nice pond with a waterfall. The park is not very big, but there are plenty of benches in shady spots where you can rest.

#5. Gorda Peak National Park
On approximately 105 hectares of land on the island of Virgin Gorda, this beautiful park is home to one of the last Caribbean dry forests. It is also home to the smallest lizard species. The various hiking trails are interspersed with excellent picnic areas. And when you arrive at the watchtower on Gorda Peak, you will be rewarded with an astonishingly beautiful view.

#6. RMS Rhône Marine Park
In Lee Bay near Salt Island, the RMS Rhône is waiting on the seabed. The ship has been there since it sank in a hurricane in 1867. Although the ship is largely still intact, it lies on the bottom in two parts. Meanwhile, it is overgrown with all kinds of aquatic plants and you will encounter various underwater animals. It’s not for nothing that it has become a top dive site of the Virgin Islands.

#7. Fort Christian
Under the then Danish rule, this Fort was built around 1600 in St. Thomas where it served to protect the city. So, the red fort is located in the US Virgin Islands. It has had many functions over the years, such as government house, church, prison and police station. Today it is a museum where you can learn a lot about the history, culture and life in the Virgin Islands.

#8. Coral World Ocean Park
This Marine Park is located on the US Virgin Island of St. Thomas. You enter the underwater observatory via a footbridge. So you stay dry here while you look at least fifteen meters below the water surface. But there is more to do. You can also feed stingrays, swim with sea lions or go on a diving adventure. Of course, some of these are optional.

#9. Whim Plantation Museum
This 18th century plantation in St. Croix brings history back to life. First, cotton was grown here, with the use of slaves, and then sugar cane was cultivated. How this process worked is now made clear to visitors. On the complex there is an old horse mill, windmill, steam engines, a main building and some outbuildings such as a kitchen.

#10. Reef Bay Trail
This trail is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. It is possible to take a walk accompanied by a guide. You then walk past special petroglyphs where you are of course told about the history of this. You will also pass an old sugar factory. There are about twenty routes to walk with different degrees of difficulty. There are also options to hike down and then be taken back by boat. Most hikes begin at the Virgin Island National Park Visitor Center in Cruz Bay.

Sights of Virgin Islands