Spectacular Lamps Made with Test Tubes

The imagination of the artists only you can put limits its own imagination. And this premise is more than ever true seeing the works of some of them, that surprise us and works that never got to even guess how have come to materialize. It is what has happened to me to see these spectacular lamps made with specimens or test tubes, as the chemicals used in their daily work.

It’s a very original creation of the Polish firm PANI Jurek, that it distributes its products through Etsy. Lamp bears the name of & #8220;Maria SC“, in homage to the great scientist Marie Sklodowska Curie, and consists of one or two circular modules with holes, which has incorporated many test tubes, forming a reinterpretation, in a modern, Classical Art Decó style lamps.

Specimens that make up the lamp can be empty, but other options, equally surprising, are to fill them with liquids of different colors, as in the first image, or placed within them, water plants or flowers. The success of these pieces has been spectacular (no wonder!) and have sold all that had been put on sale, but from her Etsy page they announce a new batch soon. It’ll be because the lamps are worth!