Summer Sessions in Europe

By | October 19, 2021

Meanwhile, European universities also offer summer schools and summer universities, for example Great Britain. However, the range of courses here is usually not as extensive as at American universities. Summer schools aimed specifically at international students are more common in Europe (but also in Asia and South America). According to ejiaxing, they often include a fixed program with a focus on cultural studies. Although these programs cannot always be credited towards studying at home, they offer the opportunity to deal intensively with the host country’s culture.

Advantages of summer sessions abroad

Since the courses take place during the semester break, students do not miss any lectures at home. On the contrary: You can bring forward the courses from the coming semesters.

Low admission requirements and unbureaucratic application

Another advantage of the summer sessions abroad is the comparatively low admission requirements. Most North American universities have an open enrollment policy specifically for the summer programs: This means that you can apply shortly before the start of your studies, provided that there is enough time to apply for a possibly required visa.

  • Minimum age 18 years (in exceptional cases 16 years)
  • Abitur / technical diploma or proof of the current attendance at the upper level
  • Proof of sufficient English language skills (TOEFL or IELTS)

A special grade point average or a letter of motivation are usually not required. A summer session abroad thus offers the unique opportunity to get a taste of the studies at a particularly renowned and popular university, where admission for regular studies or a semester abroad would be a lot more difficult.

Summer Session: Cheaper than a semester abroad

A summer session abroad is much cheaper than a regular semester abroad due to the shorter duration of the study. The cost of a summer school ranges from around £ 2,000 in the UK to over US $ 5,000 in the US, depending on the university. Of course, this does not include the cost of living.

There are virtually no scholarship programs or other forms of financial support for summer sessions abroad. But the total costs can also be covered by financing options specially set up for short-term study visits.

Anyone who finances their studies in Germany with a student loan can obtain information from the credit institute about a one-time increase in the loan. Students who are financially supported by an education fund can find out from the respective organization about the possibility of a special payment for a summer session abroad.

Plus for the resume

A summer session at a renowned university abroad (such as at UCSB or UCLA) enhances the résumé and signals commitment and flexibility to potential employers. The acquired foreign language skills and intercultural skills are additional plus points for an application.

Even professionals can benefit from a Summer Session. Due to the numerous highly specialized courses, the summer visit to the university can be used as further training.

Even students from the 11th grade can participate abroad already at summer sessions also at renowned universities. Since the summer sessions abroad usually take place during the universities’ major summer holidays, the courses are usually not so well attended, so that free capacities in the courses are filled with international applicants – with the admission requirements reduced to a minimum. This way, even qualified and ambitious students have the chance to complete a kind of trial course during the summer sessions. This opportunity is usually denied to schoolchildren in Germany and is therefore unique:

  1. By choosing courses in different subject areas, students can clarify potential courses of study in their later university studies
  2. Courses completed at university level can usually be counted towards the forthcoming German or international studies if you choose to do so.

Great experience

In any case, participating in a summer session or summer university will remain an unforgettable experience. Every year, several thousand students from all over the world register for the summer sessions at the major universities, and so many international friendships can be made. And of course there is still enough time to get to know life away from campus and to go on excursions to the surrounding cities and regions.

Summer Sessions in Europe