Switzerland Animals and Plants

By | June 9, 2021

Which plants can be found in Switzerland?

Since the climate in Switzerland is very different depending on the region, different plants also grow there. Above all, there are many tree species to be found in Switzerland. A third of Switzerland is covered by forests. Conifers can be found in the higher elevations and deciduous trees such as maple, oak or beech grow in the lower elevations.

Consequences of climate change in Switzerland

But climate change is also noticeable here. Many trees that were able to grow in lower regions only thrive in higher elevations. The alpine plants also withdraw further to higher altitudes. This has consequences for the animal world, because it may not be able to adapt so quickly to the changed climate.

But a study by scientists has found that over a period of eight years (during which the plants were observed) the plants shifted eight meters “upwards”. The animals “migrated” even higher in the same period. Researchers at the University of Basel have established this. Animals and plants look for an environment that meets their needs. If it gets too warm, then they adapt – if that is possible – and migrate to higher and therefore mostly (even) cooler areas. These observations were made all over Switzerland.

According to findjobdescriptions, different climatic conditions prevail in the south of Switzerland. Plants that are otherwise found in the subtropics also grow here. These include cypresses, bay leaves and the almond trees that bloom beautifully in spring. The Alps in particular are a retreat for many rare plants such as gentian and edelweiss.

The grass turf grows on the soils between 1800 and 2400 meters. There are also many other plants such as arnica, bluebells or alpine clover. The alpine clover in particular smells wonderful. Another type of lawn is the panicle grass lawn. Yarrow or the mountain buttercup can be found here. Alpine dock, goosefoot and Alpine thistle are other plants that grow in the lawn. Since this lawn tastes so delicious, the cows graze here and eat the fresh green grass.

Which animals live in Switzerland?

The Alps are not only a haven for plants, but also for many animals. Today you can find the lynx, which was almost extinct for a long time, especially in the southern and central Alps. For a long time the lynx were hunted by humans and the population continued to decline. You can recognize the lynx by its funny brush ears. It is the largest wild cat living in Europe. The lynx have also spread again in Austria and the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Switzerland Animals

Ibex, foxes and wolves

In the steep cliffs of the Alps climbing ibex, lining up sent to get from place to place. Chamois, red deer and wild boar can also be found here. The marmots are not visible, but can be heard from time to time. They make themselves noticeable through their whistling.

The fox also roams the woods. Sometimes even a wolf gets lost in the Swiss regions. These wolves mostly come from Italy and do not stop at the national borders of Switzerland.

The kings of the sky

The alpine world also attracts many mountain birds. These include golden eagles and alpine choughs, but also purple herons can be found here. Did you know that the golden eagle used to live in many parts of Europe but was persecuted for a long time? Today it is only found in certain areas such as the Alps.

But not only do many birds of prey live here, water birds also take a break on their way to their winter quarters at the countless Swiss lakes and rivers.

Are there also dangerous animals in Switzerland?

There are also poisonous species of snakes in Switzerland, including the adder and the aspic viper. But if you don’t act very stupidly, there is no danger from these snakes. They are very anxious and, if someone comes near, they quickly withdraw. But when hiking in the Alps you should pay attention to good, sturdy shoes. That protects in case you should step on a snake. Otherwise, especially in the Alps, there are also many non-toxic species of adder.

The adder

The adder has a very large distribution area on earth. It lives in areas from northern and western Europe via Siberia to China and the Russian Pacific coast. You can even find them in the Arctic Circle. Adders are very shy animals, which is why there are relatively seldom bite accidents with adders.