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According to shoppingpicks, Afghanistan, located in western Asia, northwest of Pakistan, is an arid country. In the main part there is a continental steppe climate: hot summers (35°C from June to September) and cold winters. The maximum temperatures then range from 0 to 10 degrees in the months of December to March and are partly dependent on the altitude. At night it freezes light to moderate in the winter months. Most precipitation falls from February to May. The east is the wettest. The summers are really bone dry. This certainly applies to the west, where there is a desert area. It is an average of 10 degrees warmer there than in the rest of Afghanistan. A state in the foothills of the Himalayas, which has been ravaged by civil war since the late 1970s. At the end of the nineteenth century, Afghanistan came under British influence. The British used the country as a buffer state against Russia, protecting their interests in India. In 1919, the pro-British Emir Habi Habibullah was assassinated. His son Amanullah seized power with the help of the army. He broke with the British, who recognized Afghanistan’s independence after a short war. The borders were established in 1921 in a treaty with communist Russia. In 1926, this treaty was converted into a non-aggression pact. Amanullah took the title shah. in 1927(king) to; he decided to modernize the country in a western sense. The Muslim clerics were vehemently against and in 1929 they forced the king to flee. After a chaotic period, the British installed General Nadir Khan as shah. He also chose a western course and also came into conflict with the Muslim clergy. Nadir Khan was assassinated in 1933. His son Mohammed Zahir remained king until 1973. Afghanistan became a constitutional monarchy in 1964. In October 1965, elections were held for the first time in Afghan history. Check a2zgov for Afghanistan government and politics.

Afghanistan Geography and Population

Afghanistan – population The population is estimated at 32.4 million. (2015). In the period 1978-2001, 5-6 million fled, mainly to neighboring Iran and Pakistan; more than 30% of the population became either external or internal refugees, and more than 1 million killed. Since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, more than 5 million… Read More »

Afghanistan Basic Information

Basic data Capital Kabul Population 40,000,000 Language ok pashto Religion Islam State system islamic republic Head of State Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Head of government Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Currency name Afghan (AFN) Travel Time shift +2:30 Economy Nominal GDP (billion USD) 19.7 Economic growth (%) 1.5 Inflation (%) 5.6 Unemployment (%) 11,16 According to A2zdirectory, Afghanistan… Read More »

Afghanistan Market Opportunities

Afghanistan was not affected by the covid-19 pandemic with such intensity as, for example, neighboring Iran, but its consequences were nevertheless reflected in the macroeconomic indicators for 2020. The national economy, less than half of whose income comes from foreign aid, showed a five percent decrease over the past year. In 2021, stabilization accompanied by… Read More »

Afghanistan Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data Afghanistan was not affected by the coronavirus pandemic with such intensity as, for example, neighboring Iran, but its consequences were reflected in macroeconomic indicators for 2020. The national economy, with less than half of all income coming from foreign aid,… Read More »

Landmarks of Afghanistan

There are not so many cultural and historical monuments of antiquity in Afghanistan, because a huge number of attractions were destroyed during the ongoing hostilities, but you can still find something interesting. According to ethnicityology, only in the capital of the country, the city of Kabul, there are more than five hundred mosques, and about… Read More »

Afghanistan State Facts

  CAPITAL Kabul STATE STRUCTURE Presidential republic INTERNAL DIVISION unitary state SQUARE 652,864 km² CLIMATE subtropical continental OFFICIAL LANGUAGE Pashto, give CURRENCY Afghani POPULATION 31.1 million NATIONAL COMPOSITION Pashtuns (from 39.4 to 42%), Tajiks (about 38%), Uzbeks (about 9%), Hazaras (about 8%) RELIGION Islam TIMEZONE UTC +4:30 / MSK +1:30 TELEPHONE CODE +93 Source: Homosociety.com State… Read More »

Kabul, Afghanistan Historical Review

Karabakh had various administrative divisions within tsarist Russia and its territorial integrity was violated. Only during the existence of the Democratic Republic was it possible to recover it. However, after the establishment of the Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (thus it was officially named according to the decree of the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan of… Read More »

Afghanistan Early History

The territories of present-day Afghanistan did not constitute a homogeneous political unit that from the century onwards. XVIII, also due to the geographical position, of transit between the Iranian and Indian worlds. Since the third millennium a. C. in fact they were the scene of complex encounters between different populations, until, conquered by Ciro and… Read More »