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According to shoppingpicks, the months of June, July and August are the warmest in Australia. During these months, temperatures can reach as high as 32°C (90°F) during the day and remain mild at night with temperatures usually ranging between 20-26°C (68-79°F). This time of year is also characterized by sunny skies and very little rainfall. September brings a transition to cooler temperatures with highs ranging from 18-24°C (64-75°F) and lows around 10-15°C (50-59°F). Rainfall begins to become more common during this month, but it is still quite dry compared to other parts of the year. October marks the start of autumn in Australia with temperatures ranging from 10-20°C (50-68°F) during the day and 5-15°C (41-59°F) at night. Rainfall is more frequent throughout this month, especially towards the end when storms may occur. Humidity levels begin to increase during this time as well, making it feel even cooler than it actually is. Australia extends in the southern hemisphere from the 10th parallel to the 40th parallel. A large country with a number of climate types. The north, closest to the equator, is tropical. It is always 30°C. The rainy season runs from November to April. The east coast of Australia is also wet. There too, most precipitation falls between November and April. In winter, the mercury drops to 20°C during the day. July is the coldest month. The south clearly has four seasons. In summer it is 30°C. Most rain falls in the cold period, May to September. July is the coldest month with 15 degrees during the day. Australia’s interior is hot and dry. There is some precipitation throughout the year, but not in large quantities. In December and January it is more than 35°C in the desert area. Check a2zgov for Australia government and politics.

Australia Geography and Population

Australia – Geography Australia belongs to the highly developed, industrialized part of the world, but is isolated in relation to it. There are 15,000 km to Europe, 12,000 km to the United States and 7,000 km to Tokyo. Australia has huge uninhabited areas and large parts are little explored. Until the arrival of Europeans in… Read More »

Places to Visit in Australia

The versatile and generously sized landscape of Australia is ideal for an adventurous holiday ‘Down Under’. Most tourists will arrive at Sydney or Melbourne airport after a flight of at least twenty hours and then get used to the time zone for a few days. Whether you travel through Australia with a camper, an SUV… Read More »

Australia Visas, Entry Rules, and Customs Regulations

Visa The standard term for processing documents for obtaining a visa to Australia at the embassy is up to 3 weeks. For private and tourist invitations, only a single entry visa to Australia is issued. Upon a service invitation, it is possible to issue a multi-visa (a visa to Australia for a specific period). Reception… Read More »

Australia Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data The Australian economy is dominated by the service sector (65% of total GDP), mining (13.5% of GDP) and agriculture (2% of GDP). In 2020, Australia went into recession for the first time since 1991, however, thanks to the country’s successful… Read More »

Australia Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

Embassy in Australia Australia, Embassy in Moscow Australian Embassy in the Russian Federation: Moscow, Podkolokolny per., 10a/2 Tel.: +7 (495) 956-60-70 Fax: +7 (495) 956-61-62 Reception of citizens in the Department Visas and Immigration is carried out by appointment. Appointments can be made by phone or by email. Phone call hours: 9:00 am to 12:30… Read More »

Visa to Australia

For the period of quarantine, entry to Australia for citizens of Ukraine is open. According to a2zgov, the Australian Embassy operates as usual for the acceptance and issuance of documents. To enter the territory of Australia, citizens of Ukraine need to apply for a visa to Australia. Obtaining a visa to Australia is not an… Read More »

Australia – The Penepian

The Kimberley (or Tasman Land) forms the northwestern part of the Great Australian Penepian. It differs from most of this mainly in having an annual precipitation above 500 mm; it consists of different soils eroded to varying degrees. The highest point is Mount Hann (853 m.). Due to the considerable rainfall, the penepiano, already almost… Read More »

Australia Exploration

The appearance of the new lands, discovered here and there at times, was everywhere desolate and inhospitable; more than one of the navigators had been massacred by the natives during the first descents on the coasts. However, the government of the Dutch colonies, in order to more fully explore the Ocean in S., and to… Read More »

Australia Ethnology

No continent, like Australia, was inhabited entirely, until the century. XIX forwarded by primitive peoples. Such a recent occupation of the hunting territories of Australia’s indigenous peoples allowed a careful study of their customs before their culture was suffocated by that of the colonizers. But, due to the particular configuration of the continent, the primitive… Read More »

Australia Finance

The Commonwealth and individual states have separate budgets; However, all the revenues deriving from customs and the postal service are due only to the Commonwealth budget and correspondingly all the expenses connected with the aforementioned revenues and all those relating to national defense. The financial statements of the Commonwealth and of the individual states include… Read More »

Australia After 1937

Following the elections of 1937, which confirmed the votes of 1931 and 1934, the Lyons government was able to reconstitute itself on the basis of the United Australia Party and Country Party coalition. During 1938, Japan’s war against China provoked a more intransigent reaction in the country than the government was then willing to demonstrate: the dock workers decided… Read More »

Australia Geology

In Australia the main geological regions correspond roughly to the topographical divisions; four are the largest on the continent: a) the peneplane of paleozoic and archaic rocks which occupies almost all of Western Australia, Northern and Central Australia and the north-western part of South Australia; b) the mountainous reliefs of the eastern part, consisting mainly of paleozoic… Read More »

Australia Geography and Economy

Australia (officially called Commonwealth of Australia, in English: Commonwealth of Australia) is a sovereign country in Oceania, whose form of government is the federal constitutional parliamentary monarchy. Flora and fauna Although much of Australia is desert or semi-arid, it has a great diversity of habitats, from alpine heaths to tropical rainforests. Due to the great age of the continent,… Read More »

Australian Literature

Australian literature, term for the literature of Australia from the 19th to the middle of the 20th century. The history of Australian literature is the history of the colonial past, the gradual break away from the model of British literature and adaptation to the realities of the new country. See loverists.com for the worlds 8 most… Read More »

Backpacking along Australia’s East Coast

Australia’s east coast is equal to sun, water, heat and good mood. With a bus pass, you have the freedom to explore and experience Australia at your own pace. Australia is a country located in Oceania according to topschoolsintheusa. Australia’s beautiful east coast is high on the wish list of many and not without reason. Here you will… Read More »

Summer in Northern Australia

Discover northern Australia and marvel at how much the area has to offer. Hike in Kakadu National Park, explore Arnhem Land with Aborigines, experience the stunning 4WD scenery on the Sunshine Coast, enjoy the beautiful beaches and the world’s oldest rainforest at Cape Tribulation and snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef. Australia is a country located in… Read More »

Ultimate Road Trip – Australia & New Zealand

Combining the best of Australia & New Zealand with a focus on freedom and nature. An ultimate road trip where you have time to see Australia’s east coast and both the North & South Island of New Zealand. Australia is a country located in Oceania according to countryvv. Are you looking for mountains, long white sandy beaches,… Read More »

Road Trip With Friends – Australia’s East Coast

Take a road trip in Australia with your best friends. Cool cities, a deserted outback and fantastic beaches await you here. The car and the accompanying tent give you the freedom to experience Australia at your own pace – and at a really good price. Australia is a country located in Oceania according to itypetravel. If you are… Read More »

Family Trip to Australia & Thailand

Enjoy the freedom of your own motorhome along the south coast of Australia. A rich wildlife, fantastic nature and charming towns await you. Finish with a relaxing holiday on one of Thailand’s white, beautiful beaches. The journey begins with a soft start in Adelaide. Here you pick up your motorhome after a couple of days and then continue… Read More »

Sydney, Tasmania & Great Ocean Road

Discover the best of South Australia; the stunning cities of Sydney and Melbourne, wineries, kangaroos and koalas, nature experiences, hiking, beach holidays, mountains and the country’s best food. Nature is the focus of this road trip but you also see Australia’s two largest cities; Sydney and Melbourne. Australia is a country located in Oceania according to itypeauto. The… Read More »

Discover Australia, Fiji and Singapore

Road trip from Cairns to Sydney, sun and beach in Fiji and big city, foodieheaven and adventure in Singapore. Three in one! Australia is a country located in Oceania according to elaineqho. The world’s largest coral reef, one of the world’s oldest rainforests, the world’s largest sandy island, the world’s highest concentration of wild koala bears, one… Read More »

Family Adventures in Australia

Go with the family on a camping holiday along Australia’s east coast. Surf Bondi Beach, discover Australia’s wildlife and snorkel on the world’s largest coral reef. Australia is a country located in Oceania according to globalsciencellc. Australia’s fantastic wildlife. The major cities of Sydney and Brisbane and long white sandy beaches. Time for relaxation – and freedom to go… Read More »

Road Trip in Western Australia

Many people miss the enchanting west coast with cozy Perth, the colonial city of Fremantle, vineyards in the Margaret River, dolphins in Monkey Mia and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shark Bay! Western Australia is for those who want to see a different side of Australia. Here there are few tourists, outback for real with many,… Read More »