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According to shoppingpicks, the months of March, April and May are the warmest in Belarus with temperatures ranging from 5-15°C (41-59°F) during the day and -1-7°C (30-45°F) at night. This time of year is also characterized by cool weather, dry air and occasional showers. June brings a transition to warmer temperatures with highs ranging from 10–20 °C (50–68 °F) and lows around 5–15 °C (41–59 °F). Rainfall is still common throughout this month, but it is usually not as intense as in previous months. July marks the start of summer in Belarus with temperatures ranging from 14 -24 ° C (57 -75 ° F) during the day and 8 -18 ° C (46 -64 ° F) at night. Rainfall becomes more frequent throughout this month, especially towards the end when storms may occur. August brings hotter temperatures with highs ranging from 19-29°C (66–84°F) and lows around 12–22°C(54–72°F). Heavy rainfall remains throughout this month, although usually not as intense as in July. September marks the start of autumn in Belarus with temperatures ranging from 12 -22 ° C (54 -72 ° F) during the day and 6 -16 ° C (43 -61 ° F) at night. Rainfall begins to subside throughout this month, although it still remains common compared to other parts of the year. October brings cooler temperatures with highs ranging from 8-18°C(46–64°F) and lows around 3-13°C(37–55°F). Rainfall is still common throughout this month but usually much less intense than before. November marks a transition back to warmer weather with highs ranging from 11 – 21 ° C(52 – 70 ˚ F )and lows around 5 – 15 ˚ C(41 – 59 ˚ F ). Rainfall remains frequent throughout this month, although usually not as intense as in October. In Belarus, winter is long. There is snow from early December to April and in many places the ground is frozen for seven months of the year. January is the coldest month. In the capital Minsk it freezes 5 degrees during the day. The north and center of Belarus are quite wet. Most rain falls in June and July. In summer the average temperature is 22°C. In the east, on the border with Russia, it is a few degrees warmer. Summer is the best travel time. After the summer period it quickly gets cold. Check a2zgov for Belarus government and politics.

Belarus Geography and Population

Belarus (Geography) The country consists to the north of a hilly moraine landscape with many depressions filled with bogs and small lakes. In the middle of the country, an east-west slope extends with heights up to 300 m. In this area, the natural drainage is best, and here is good agricultural land. To the south… Read More »

Belarus Basic Information

Basic data Capital Minsk Population 9.349 million (2021) Language Belarusian, Russian Religion 60% religious, of which 82% Orthodox, 12% Catholic, 6% other State system presidential republic Head of State Alexander Lukashenko Head of government Roman Golovchenko Currency name Belarusian ruble (BYN) Travel Time shift +2 hours (in summer +1 hour) Economy Nominal GDP (billion USD)… Read More »

Belarus Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data Over the last 10 years (2010 – 2020), the government’s economic growth forecast was realized only once – in 2017. At that time, the gross domestic product (GDP) rose by +2.4%, instead of the predicted +1.7%. However, this happened after… Read More »

Belarus Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in Belarus Citizens of the Russian Federation can freely enter the territory of Belarus, it is not required to apply for a visa. At the border, you must provide a general civil or international passport. Minors under the age of 14 traveling with their parents must be entered in the… Read More »

History in Belarus

The first people appeared on the territory of modern Belarus about 100 thousand years ago. The current Belarusians are the result of a mixture of Dregovichi, Krivichi and Radimichi. In the 6th-9th centuries, such large cities as Smolensk, Polotsk and Turov began to be built here, around which the principalities of Polotsk, Turov-Pinsk and Smolensk… Read More »

Belarus History

From the end of the 10th century, part of the Grand Duchy of Kiev, the territory of the current Belarus, was progressively annexed to Lithuania. Occupied by the Germans (1918), it came under the control of the Bolsheviks who proclaimed the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic on 1 January 1919. In 1922 the Belarus participated in… Read More »

Minsk, Belarus History and Economy

Minsk is the capital city of Belarus according to itypejob. After World War II most of the city was destroyed. It was rebuilt by Stalin in the 1950s. During the Soviet period it was the capital of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1919 to 1991. Today Minsk is a large metropolis, it is the largest city in Belarus. By population, Minsk ranks 116th… Read More »

Travel to Belarus

Belarus, which officially goes by the name Republic of Belarus and is located in the eastern part of Europe, has for many been an unknown and closed country. Belarus borders Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. In Belarus you will find stately UNESCO-listed castles, mighty Stalinist architecture in Minsk, eventful and dramatic history in the… Read More »