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According to shoppingpicks, the months of March, April and May are the warmest in Belgium with temperatures ranging from 8-18°C (46-64°F) during the day and 2-12°C (36-54°F) at night. This time of year is also characterized by mild weather, moderate humidity and occasional showers. June brings a transition to warmer temperatures with highs ranging from 13–23 °C (55–73 °F) and lows around 8–18 °C (46–64 °F). Rainfall is still common throughout this month, but it is usually not as intense as in previous months. July marks the start of summer in Belgium with temperatures ranging from 16 -26 ° C (61 -79 ° F) during the day and 11 -21 ° C (52 -70 ° F) at night. Rainfall becomes more frequent throughout this month, especially towards the end when thunderstorms may occur. August brings hotter temperatures with highs ranging from 20-30°C (68–86°F) and lows around 15–25°C(59–77°F). Heavy rainfall remains throughout this month, although usually not as intense as in July. September marks the start of autumn in Belgium with temperatures ranging from 15 -25 ° C (59 -77 ° F) during the day and 9 -19 ˚ C(48 – 66 ˚ F )at night. Rainfall begins to subside throughout this month, although it still remains common compared to other parts of the year. October brings cooler temperatures with highs ranging from 10-20°C(50–68°F) and lows around 5-15°C(41–59°F). Rainfall is still common throughout this month but usually much less intense than before. November marks a transition back to warmer weather with highs ranging from 12 – 22 ˚ C(54 – 72 ˚ F )and lows around 7 – 17 ˚ C(45 – 63 ˚ F ). Rainfall remains frequent throughout this month, although usually not as intense as in October. The predominantly southwesterly current of the sea ensures a mild and humid climate in Belgium; mild winters and cool summers. Rain is never far away in Belgium. On the coast, with places such as Ostend and Bruges, the most precipitation falls in October. In Lower and Central Belgium and in the Ardennes, most precipitation falls in July and August. We find the highest average temperatures on the coast; 16.9°C in summer and 3°C in winter. In the Ardennes, the average winter temperature is just above zero. There is regularly a pack of snow of 30 to 50 centimeters. Skiing is therefore also possible in the Benelux. Check a2zgov for Belgium government and politics.

Belgium Geography and Population

Belgium – geography Belgium contains both Germanic and Romanesque populations, Flemings to the north and Walloons to the south. The antagonisms between these two groups have led to great tensions, and during the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, Belgium was gradually transformed into a federal state with three regions, Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. The regions live… Read More »

Things to Do in Belgium

Belgium, located south of the Netherlands, is a popular holiday destination among the Dutch. Every month, tens of thousands of Dutch people take a city trip to beautiful cities such as Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp. The Flemish coast attracts lovers of the beach, sea and sun and the Ardennes are very popular among people who… Read More »

Sights of Flemish Coast, Belgium

According to topschoolsintheusa, the Flemish Coast is the coastal strip of Belgium located on the North Sea. It is also the only coastal strip in the country. Besides the beautiful beaches, the coast of Belgium has more to offer. There is also a lot of culture, history and beautiful nature. The most visited and popular… Read More »

Belgium Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data GDP growth in 2021 reached 6.2%. For 2022, its growth is expected to decrease as a result of increased energy prices and other impacts of Russia’s war against Ukraine and high inflation. Belgium received EUR billion from EU funds (Recovery… Read More »

Belgium Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

Embassy in Belgium Belgium, Embassy in Moscow The Embassy of Belgium in Moscow is located at 121069 Moscow, Malaya Molchanovka street, 7 Phones: (495) 780-03-31, (495) 780-03-41 (visa); Faxes: (495) 780-03-42 (visa), (495) 780-03-32 Addresses of visa centers in Belgium: In Moscow: 127030, Struggle Square, 15/1. In St. Petersburg: 191028, Gagarinskaya street, 34. Belgium, embassy… Read More »

History in Belgium

The history of Belgium as an independent state has less than two centuries – it appeared on the map of Europe only in 1831. However, the territory on which the country is located has been known and inhabited since ancient times – back in 57 BC, Julius Caesar, having annexed it to the Roman Empire,… Read More »

Belgium Resorts and Attractions

Belgium is a state in Northwestern Europe. Common borders – with the Netherlands in the north, with Germany in the east, with Luxembourg in the southeast, with France in the south and west. According to smb, the name Belgium comes from the name of the tribe “Belgians” who lived here at the beginning of our… Read More »

Belgium – Military Operations During the Second World War

Belgium, like Holland, had remained strictly neutral during the first period of the German war, but, mindful of the aggression suffered in 1914, it had never ceased to prepare its defense and to give a more solid structure. to its military body, which, indeed, had been placed on a foot of virtual mobilization since August… Read More »

Belgium after World War II

History. – The political malaise in Belgium, expressed by the contrasts of economic and scholastic direction between the two major parties, Christian-Social and Socialist, although united in a governmental coalition of necessity, worsened in 1949 following the re-emergence of the real question. Considering that the reasons that had temporarily excluded him from the throne had… Read More »

Belgium and the Netherlands

The Belgian state arose in 1830 following the revolt of the southern provinces, mostly Catholic, of the ephemeral unitary kingdom of the Netherlands, which broke out just over a month after the Parisian July Revolution. That kingdom had been created in 1815 and entrusted to William I of Orange-Nassau, son of the last state-holder of… Read More »

Belgium Archaeology

A prehistoric archaeology. – The excavations of the last decades have shown, for the oldest stone age in Belgica, the almost absence of tools of the Chellean, Acheulean and Solutrean types, while elements for the Mesvinian, the Mousterian and the Aurignacian were found in Omal, Lommel , Zonhoven, Zolder and Fond-Robert. From the Mesolithic, various… Read More »

Belgium Archaeology and Architecture

Archaeology. – Archaeological research in Belgium has shown, in recent years, a shift of interest from the military-defensive aspects of the civilian, indigenous or immigrant populations. Recent excavations in Amiens (Samarobriva), Boulogne (Gesoriacum), Bavary (Bagacum) have given remarkable results, clarifying the formative characteristics and development of Gallo-Roman cities and outlining the dominant factors of urbanization:… Read More »

Belgium Dantesque Encyclopedia

Since the Renaissance age, musicians and painters came from Belgium to Italy to learn or perfect their craft: many of them took up permanent residence there. Some, having known the work of D., found the inspiration for their own production there. Albert Counson recalls that the musicians Josquin des Prés (1490-1521) and Adrien Willaert (?… Read More »

Belgium Politics and Demography

Belgium. Northwestern European country, one of the founding members of the European Union whose main institutions are hosted here, as well as many other international organizations such as NATO. Belgium covers an area of 30,528 square kilometers with an estimated population of 10,444,268 residents as of July 2013. Brussels is the capital city of Belgium according to itypejob. Etymology The… Read More »

Ghent Travel Guide

Hundreds of years old buildings, incredibly well preserved, take a tourist coming to Ghent, Belgium, far into the Middle Ages. Flemish Belgium Located in the Flemish-speaking north of Belgium, Ghent is a charming city of just over 200,000 inhabitants. Medieval buildings, streets steeped in history and a relaxed atmosphere take a traveler to another world… Read More »