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According to shoppingpicks, the months of March, April and May are the warmest in Belize with temperatures ranging from 25-35°C (77-95°F) during the day and 19-26°C (66-79°F) at night. This time of year is also characterized by mild weather, moderate humidity and occasional showers. June brings a transition to hotter temperatures with highs ranging from 28–38 °C (82–100 °F) and lows around 22–31 °C (72–88 °F). Rainfall is still common throughout this month, but it is usually not as intense as in previous months. July marks the start of summer in Belize with temperatures ranging from 30 -40 ˚ C(86 – 104 ˚ F )during the day and 24 -34 ˚ C(75 – 93 ˚ F )at night. Rainfall becomes more frequent throughout this month, especially towards the end when thunderstorms may occur. August brings even hotter temperatures with highs ranging from 32-42°C(90–108°F) and lows around 26–36°C(79–97°F). Heavy rainfall remains throughout this month, although usually not as intense as in July. September marks the start of autumn in Belize with temperatures ranging from 27 -37 ° C (81 -99 ° F) during the day and 21 -31 ˚ C(70 – 88 ˚ F )at night. Rainfall begins to subside throughout this month, although it still remains common compared to other parts of the year. October brings cooler temperatures with highs ranging from 23-33°C(73–91°F) and lows around 17-27°C(63–81°F). Rainfall is still common throughout this month but usually much less intense than before. November marks a transition back to warmer weather with highs ranging from 25 – 35 ˚ C(77 – 95 ˚ F )and lows around 19 – 29 ˚ C(66 – 84 ˚ F ). Rainfall remains frequent throughout this month, although usually not as intense as in October. Belize, which is located in Central America on the Gulf of Honduras, has a fairly hot and humid climate. The rainy season roughly runs from June to December. In August it is a bit drier. In the south it is a lot wetter than in the north. The lowest temperatures occur at the end of the wet and beginning of the dry season: from November to March the average is ‘only’ 28°C. Belize is best visited in the first three months of the year. Hurricanes can pass from July to November. Check a2zgov for Belize government and politics.

Belize Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Belize CAPITAL CITY: Belmopan POPULATION: 334,000 (2013) AREA: 22,800 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, Spanish, Mayan language, Creole language RELIGION: Catholics 58%, Protestants 34%, others 8% COIN: belize dollar CURRENCY CODE: BZD ENGLISH NAME: Belize INDEPENDENCE: 1981 POPULATION COMPOSITION: mestizer 44%, Creoles (especially black) 31%, Mayan Indians 10%, whites 4%, others 11% GDP… Read More »

Things to Do in Belize

Beautiful Belize is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, between Mexico and Guatemala. This North American country has Belmopan as its capital. Most tourists who leave for Belize are looking for the many Mayan ruins, the densely forested rainforests, the colorful underwater world, the pearly white beaches and of course the wonderful subtropical… Read More »

Belize Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax System Basic data Belize ranks among the most indebted countries in the world in terms of public debt to GDP. The economy of the country was very badly shaken by the pandemic, mainly thanks to the near-stopping of tourism, which is one of… Read More »

Belize Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in Country directory Belize You need a visa to travel to Belize. A visa to Belize is issued at the British Embassy. Documents for a visa are submitted to the British Visa Application Center, located in Moscow at Bolshoi Savvinsky lane, 12, building 18. Information service: +7 (495) 7847144. The… Read More »

History in Belize

In the jungles of Belize, settlements were discovered, whose age is about 9 thousand years. From the 16th century BC Maya Indians began to penetrate the territory of modern Belize. The Maya civilization flourished in 300-900 AD, the ruins of their cities have survived here to this day. In 1502, the crew of Christopher Columbus… Read More »

Travel to Belize

If you want to visit a slightly different country in the Caribbean than the usual destinations, then a trip to the adventurous Belize is an excellent choice. Here it almost feels like you have ended up in a mix of Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Mayan culture that is constantly visible. Rainforests, wildlife, outdoor life… Read More »