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According to shoppingpicks, Benin experiences a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: a wet season and a dry season. The wet season runs from April to July, while the dry season extends from August to March. During the wet season, temperatures range from 22-31°C (72-88°F) during the day and 17-24°C (63-75°F) at night. This time of year is characterized by high humidity and frequent rainfall, often accompanied by thunderstorms. The dry season brings cooler temperatures with highs ranging from 19–29 °C (66–84 °F) and lows around 14–24 °C (57–75 °F). Rainfall is much less common throughout this period, although occasional showers may still occur. April marks the start of the wet season in Benin with temperatures ranging from 25 -35 ˚ C(77 – 95 ˚ F )during the day and 19 -29 ˚ C(66 – 84 ˚ F )at night. Heavy rainfall is common throughout this month, especially towards the end when thunderstorms may occur. May brings even hotter temperatures with highs ranging from 28–38 °C (82–100 °F) and lows around 22–32 °C (72–90 °F). Rainfall remains frequent throughout this month but usually not as intense as in April. June marks a transition to even hotter temperatures with highs ranging from 30 -40 ˚ C(86 – 104 ˚ F )during the day and 24 -34 ˚ C(75 – 93 ˚ F )at night. Rainfall becomes more frequent throughout this month, often accompanied by thunderstorms. July brings hot temperatures with highs ranging from 32-42°C(90–108°F) and lows around 26–36°C(79–97°F). Rainfall is still very common throughout this month but usually not as intense as in June or earlier months of the wet season. Benin, which lies just above the equator, has a tropical climate. The south, which borders the Bight of Benin, is clearly wetter than the north. In the north, the rainy season lasts from May to October. In the south from mid-March to November. The coastal area, with the capital Porto-Novo, is cooler due to the moderating influence of the sea. In the warm period, November to April, the average temperature is 32°C. In the far north it can reach 40°C during the same period. November and December are the best months to travel. Check a2zgov for Benin government and politics.

Benin Geography and Population

Benin – geography Benin – geography, Benin is a long, narrow country; the population belongs to a wide variety of ethnic groups. Population and occupation The approximately 8 million residents belong to more than 40 ethnic groups, including fon, adja, yoruba, bariba, peul and somba. Fon is the largest group with about 30% of the… Read More »

Benin Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax System Basic data Benin is among the least developed and poorest countries in the world. The country’s economy is small and very poorly diversified – it depends on agriculture (cotton), regional trade (the port of Cotonou) and foreign aid. The country is rich… Read More »

Benin Recent History

With the end of bipolarism following the crisis of the Soviet bloc, Benin had reoriented in the western sense, abandoning the state ideology inspired by Marxism-Leninism and opening up to multi-partyism. This process, essentially motivated by the serious economic difficulties facing the country at the end of the 1980s and by the progressive dependence on… Read More »