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Cape Verde Geography and Population

Cape Verde – Geography Cape Verde – Geography, Cape Verde is located 500 km west of the coast of West Africa. Despite the name, according to the first European visitors (including Columbus), the islands have always been dry, and the name refers to the location off the Cape Verde fort in Senegal. The country consists… Read More »

Sights of Cape Verde

South of the Canary Islands you will find the lesser-known islands of Cape Verde. Nine of the ten islands are inhabited. The most famous and attractive islands are São Vicente, Sal, Santo Antão, Boavista, Fogo, Majo and Santiago. With the promised subtropical climate, it is an excellent sun destination at a reasonable distance (six hours… Read More »

Cape Verde Economy

Public finances, state budget – income, expenditure, balance for the last 5 years State budget (in billion CVE) 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Total revenue 44.6 44.6 40.93 42.3 66.7 Total expenses 57.2 57.2 43.36 61.1 72.6 Budget deficit (in % of GDP) -3.9 -3.8 -3.0 -3.1 -2.0 Source: Cape Verde Ministry of Finance Balance… Read More »