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According to shoppingpicks, January in Fiji marks the start of the hot season. Temperatures range from an average high of 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) to an average low of 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). Rainfall significantly increases to an average of 250 mm (9.8 in) per month, and thunderstorms become more frequent. February continues to be hot and wet, with temperatures ranging between 31-24°C (88-75°F). Rainfall remains high at an average of 250 mm (9.8 in), while thunderstorms become more common. March is still hot and wet, with temperatures ranging from an average high of 31 degrees Celsius (88 degrees Fahrenheit) to an average low of 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit). Rainfall further increases to an average of 300 mm (11.8 in), and thunderstorms are frequent. The Fiji Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean archipelago east of Australia. The climate is tropical. This includes a temperature that is around 30°C all year round. The rainy season runs from January to March. That is why it is the warmest. At night it is warmer than in an average European country during the day. In the warm period it cools down to 25°C at night, and in the ‘cool’ period, June to September, to about 20 degrees. Check areacodesexplorer for Fiji History.

Fiji Geography and Population

OFFICIAL NAME: Fiji Islands CAPITAL CITY: Suva POPULATION: 906,000 (2007) AREA: 18,333 km² OFFICIAL LANGUAGE (S): English, fiji, hindi, andre RELIGION: Christians 52%, Hindus 38%, Muslims 8%, others 2% COIN: dollars CURRENCY CODE: FJD ENGLISH NAME: Fiji INDEPENDENCE: 1970 POPULATION COMPOSITION: Fijians 51%, Indians 44%, others 5% GDP PER residents: $ 2277 (2007) LIFE EXPECTANCY:… Read More »

Fiji Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in Fiji Citizens of Russia do not need to apply for a visa to travel to Fiji. It will be stamped at the international airport upon arrival. To do this, you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of the planned trip, a return… Read More »

History in Fiji

The first inhabitants appeared on the Fiji archipelago in 1500 BC. e. They were Austronesians. They were engaged in fishing, farming, cattle breeding and set sail to the neighboring islands. Around the 10th century AD. Polynesians began to appear on the islands (residents of the neighboring islands of Tonga and Samoa). The first Europeans, led… Read More »

Fiji History

Fiji is an island country in Oceania, made up of 322 islands and about 500 islets, located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Suva is the capital city of Fiji according to simplyyellowpages. The main island of Fiji is known as Viti Levu, and it is from it that the name Fiji derives, since its common pronunciation in English sounds… Read More »

Discover Australia, Fiji and Singapore

Road trip from Cairns to Sydney, sun and beach in Fiji and big city, foodieheaven and adventure in Singapore. Three in one! Australia is a country located in Oceania according to elaineqho. The world’s largest coral reef, one of the world’s oldest rainforests, the world’s largest sandy island, the world’s highest concentration of wild koala bears, one… Read More »