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According to a2zdirectory, Alachua County, Florida is served by the Alachua County Public Schools district which serves over 50,000 students in grades K-12 across over 60 schools. The student body is diverse and the district offers a range of extracurricular activities such as sports teams, robotics clubs, debate clubs, theater performances and yearbook clubs. The district also provides a number of Advanced Placement courses and dual enrollment options with local community colleges. The major high schools in Alachua County include Eastside High School located near Gainesville; Buchholz High School located near Gainesville; Gainesville High School located in Gainesville; Hawthorne High School located near Hawthorne; Newberry High School located near Newberry; Santa Fe High School located near Alachua; Westwood Middle/High School located in Gainesville; Williston Middle/High School located in Williston; P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School located in Gainesville; Oak Hall High School located near Gainesville. All these high schools offer Advanced Placement courses as well as career training programs for students interested in pursuing technical or trade careers after graduation. Extracurricular activities available for students include sports teams, robotics clubs, debate clubs and theater performances. The graduation rates vary from school to school but are generally between 80-90%. According to COLLEGESANDUNIVERSITIESINUSA.COM, Florida is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country, and each offers students unique opportunities for academic and personal growth. The University of Florida (UF) is one of the top universities in the state. Founded as a public institution in 1853, UF now has an enrollment of over 55,000 students across its sixteen colleges. It offers more than 200 undergraduate majors and almost 350 graduate degrees ranging from engineering to education to business. In addition to academics, UF also boasts a strong sports tradition with its teams competing at the NCAA Division I level in various sports including football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. The Florida State University (FSU) is another top university located in Florida. Founded as a public institution in 1851 as a seminary school for males, FSU now has an enrollment of over 41000 students across its sixteen colleges and schools. It offers more than 200 undergraduate majors and almost 400 graduate degrees ranging from engineering to psychology to business administration. In addition to academics, FSU also has a strong sports tradition with its football team appearing regularly in bowl games since 1982 and its basketball team winning two NCAA championships in 1972 and 1973.

Apollo Beach, Florida Zip Codes

Apollo Beach is located in Hillsborough County, Florida, and is made up of four zip codes: 33572, 33569, 33570, and 33571. The 33572 zip code covers the northern portion of Apollo Beach and includes the popular resort community of Mirabay. The 33569 zip code encompasses the central part of Apollo Beach and includes the historic… Read More »

Apalachicola, Florida Zip Codes

Apalachicola, Florida is home to several zip codes that cover the city and surrounding areas. These include 32320, 32321, and 32322. The 32320 zip code covers the entire city of Apalachicola as well as parts of Eastpoint and St. George Island. The 32321 zip code covers portions of Eastpoint and St. George Island, while the… Read More »

Anthony, Florida Zip Codes

Anthony, Florida is serviced by two zip codes: 32617 and 32618. The 32617 zip code covers the majority of Anthony, encompassing all major residential areas as well as the town’s business district. This area includes the Anthony Elementary School and the South Marion County Public Library. The 32618 zip code covers a smaller portion of… Read More »

Anna Maria, Florida Zip Codes

Anna Maria is a small city located on the northern tip of Anna Maria Island in Manatee County, Florida. It is made up of two zip codes: 34216 and 34217. 34216 covers the area north of Pine Avenue and includes Anna Maria City Hall, the Anna Maria Historic Green Village, and other shops and restaurants.… Read More »

Alva, Florida Zip Codes

Alva, Florida has five zip codes: 33920, 33921, 33982, 33983, and 33950. 33920 is located in the northern part of Alva and includes most of the town center. 33921 is located in the northwestern part of Alva and includes many residential areas as well as a few small businesses. 33982 is located in the western… Read More »

Alturas, Florida Zip Codes

Alturas, Florida is a small town located in Polk County near the city of Bartow. Alturas is home to three distinct zip codes: 33820, 33823, and 33852. The zip code 33820 covers the northernmost part of Alturas, including the communities of Bowersville and Eloise. This zip code is home to several businesses such as restaurants,… Read More »

Altoona, Florida Zip Codes

Altoona, Florida is served by three zip codes: 32702, 32712, and 32736. Located in Lake County, Altoona is a small town with plenty of amenities for residents and visitors alike. The zip code 32702 includes the city center and parts of the surrounding communities of Eustis, Mount Dora, and Tavares. This area is home to… Read More »

Altamonte Springs, Florida Zip Codes

Altamonte Springs, Florida is home to several zip codes. These include 32701, 32714, 32715, 32716, and 32799. The zip code of 32701 is located in the center of Altamonte Springs and includes the downtown area as well as some residential neighborhoods. The zip code of 32714 encompasses the northern part of the city and includes… Read More »

Altha, Florida Zip Codes

Altha, Florida is home to four zip codes: 32421, 32422, 32423, and 32424. The 32421 zip code covers the majority of the town and includes the main areas of commerce and residential living. The 32422 zip code covers part of the town’s northern area and includes a few small shops and businesses. The 32423 zip… Read More »

Alford, Florida Zip Codes

Alford, Florida is located in Jackson County and consists of three zip codes: 32420, 32421, and 32425. The primary zip code for Alford is 32420, which covers most of the town. It includes the small communities of Bethlehem and Marianna as well as some rural areas. The second zip code, 32421, covers the northeastern corner… Read More »

Alachua, Florida Zip Codes

Alachua, Florida is a vibrant city located in North Central Florida. It is home to a variety of zip codes that span across the city and its surrounding areas. The following list includes all of the zip codes found in Alachua, Florida: 32615, 32616, 32617, 32641, 32609, 32618, 32619, 32653, and 32666. 32615 is located… Read More »

Florida Zip Codes by City

Florida is a large state with many zip codes. In the northern part of the state, zip codes tend to start with 3 and range from 32000-34999. These zip codes cover the major cities of Jacksonville, Gainesville, Daytona Beach, and Tallahassee. In the central part of Florida, zip codes start with 2 and range from… Read More »

Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida’s third largest city – after Miami and Jacksonville – is located in the bay of the same name. According to topschoolsoflaw, Tampa is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire country. The Spaniards, who valued the bay as a natural harbour, settled here at the mouth of the Hillsborough River as… Read More »

Attractions in Orlando, Florida

Attractions Orlando. The most important and interesting sights of Orlando – photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites. Orlando is not only a major American metropolis, but also the capital of entertainment, which threatens to outshine the famous Las Vegas in the future. Perhaps this will happen – after all, today it is one… Read More »