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Hong Kong is located in the tropical zone, but due to the regular influence of fairly cold polar winds from northern China, it does not have a tropical climate. In the summer, which runs from May to October, it is hot: during the day the average temperature is 30°C. There are also heavy showers in the summer. Moreover, it can blow hard, because Typhoons that pass below the South China Sea leave some wind for Hong Kong. Spring and autumn are pleasant times of the year. It is then most dry and the daytime temperature is around 25°C. Winter, December to April, is mild with temperatures between 15 and 20°C.

Hong Kong Geography and Population

Hong Kong – Geography A very large part of the population lives on the island of Hong Kong (or Victoria, 80 km2) and in Kowloon (47 km2) on the mainland. The two areas are among the most densely populated in the world. In addition, the New Territories (975 km2, also on the mainland) as well… Read More »

Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an impressive metropolis where you will be treated to a wonderful combination of a modern economy with distinctly Asian elements. Although Hong Kong is now part of China again, the same communist laws do not apply here as in China. To achieve this, Hong Kong has been made a Special Administrative Region.… Read More »

Hong Kong, China Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data Although Hong Kong remains highly competitive and open to the outside world, its primary currency is gradually becoming linked to the PRC market. Most GDP is generated by services (finance), industry plays only a marginal role. HK is the center… Read More »

Hong Kong, China Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in Hong Kong, China On July 1, 2009, the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China on the mutual abolition of visa requirements for citizens of the Russian Federation and permanent residents of… Read More »

About Hong Kong

Today, Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest centers of trade and most of the people who visit it come here for this purpose. However, despite its commercial importance for the region, there was also a place for cultural attractions and various entertainment programs (exhibitions, competitions, festivals, etc.). Traveling to Hong Kong will allow… Read More »