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According to shoppingpicks, January in Latvia is characterized by cold temperatures, ranging from -10 to -5°C during the day and dropping to -15 to -20°C at night. Snowfall is common during this month, and both light and heavy snow showers can occur. February sees a slight increase in temperature to -5 to 0°C during the day and -10 to -15°C at night, with snowfall being less frequent than in January. March also sees an increase in temperature to 0-5°C during the day and -5 to -10°C at night, with snowfall becoming rarer as winter begins to wind down. April marks the start of spring in Latvia and temperatures begin to rise significantly, reaching 10-15°C by the end of the month. Rain is more frequent during this time but snowfall is still possible on some days. Humidity levels remain high, usually around 90%, and rainfall can occur on some days as well. Latvia has a temperate continental climate. In summer the maxima are around 22°C. It is the sunniest time of the year, but there is also the most precipitation. If the wind is right, it can reach 30°C. In winter, the daytime temperature is below freezing. It can get quite cold. The lowest temperature ever recorded is -43°C. Latvia is not a sunny country. In winter there is often fog. Precipitation falls in the form of snow in winter and remains for about three months. Check areacodesexplorer for Latvia History.

Latvia Geography and Population

Latvia – geography Latvia’s landscape is formed by deposits from the last ice age and is predominantly lowland with moraine hills as well as NW-SE tunnel tunnels and hills; only a few places reach the hills 300 m altitude. Between the hills there are many wetlands, rivers and smaller streams; most importantly, Daugava (Western Dvina),… Read More »

Sights of Latvia

Northern Latvia borders Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia. The Baltic Republic of Latvia was only established as an independent country in 1918. Since then, the country has been temporarily occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II and then by the Soviet Union. The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 gave Latvia back its… Read More »

Latvia Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data Latvia is a small economy, largely dependent on a functioning trade exchange. Although Latvia entered 2022 with nearly exhausted resources to support its economy after a two-year slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, experts predicted a quick recovery. However, at… Read More »

Latvia Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in Latvia On December 21, 2007, Latvia joined the ranks of the Schengen countries. To apply for a short-term tourist visa for up to 90 days, Russian citizens need the following documents: – a foreign passport valid for at least 3 months from the end of the planned trip, –… Read More »

History in Latvia

The ancestors of the Latvians were the Finno-Ugric peoples and the Balts, who lived in the current territory of Latvia even before our era. Since 1198, these lands have become the object of a crusade declared by the Pope. After several battles, Latvia, together with Estonia, became part of the Roman Empire under the name… Read More »

Latvia History and Economy

Latvia. The Republic of Latvia is one of the Baltic states. It was an independent republic from the end of World War I until 1940. It is located on the northeastern shore of the Baltic Sea. It is bordered to the north by Estonia, to the east by the Russian Federation, to the southeast by Belarus and to the south by Lithuania.… Read More »

Latvia Travel Advice

General travel information for Latvia Continent: Europe Geographical location: Northern Europe, Baltic States Highest elevation: Gaising (311 m above sea level) Longest river: Livonian Aa (452 km) Form of government: Parliamentary republic System of Government: Parliamentary democracy Languages: Latvian Neighboring countries: Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Estonia Capital: Riga Area: Approx. 64,600 km² Residents: Approx. 1.93 million… Read More »