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According to shoppingpicks, in the month of January, Myanmar experiences hot and humid weather with some rain showers. The average temperature is around 25°C and there is a significant amount of rainfall throughout the month. Rainfall is especially frequent in coastal areas, while inland areas tend to be drier. February brings an increase in temperatures to around 27°C but rainfall continues in many parts of Myanmar. March sees a further increase in temperatures to around 29°C and rainfall tends to decrease significantly throughout most parts of the country. April brings even warmer weather with average temperatures ranging from 30-32°C, although rain continues to be possible throughout much of the country. May is the hottest month in Myanmar with average temperatures ranging from 32-34°C and frequent rain showers. June brings a slight decrease in temperature with average temperatures ranging from 28-30°C but rain still remains common throughout much of Myanmar.
Myanmar, formerly Burma, has a tropical climate in the delta region in the south and a desert-like climate in the north, bordering China. In the rainy season, June to October, things can get really rough in Myanmar. It (heap) rains almost every day. From November to February it is dry and relatively cool. It is the best time to travel to Myanmar. In the remaining months, March to June, it is dry and hot: an average of 35°C during the day. Check aristmarketing for Myanmar in 1997.

Myanmar Geography and Population

Burma – Geography Burma contains very varied landscapes. To the west, north and east are large mountain areas, while the old cultural land in the middle of the kingdom consists of the fertile agricultural areas around Irrawaddy. Throughout history, the river with the ancient royal cities of Mandalay, Amarapura, Ava and Bagan has been the… Read More »

Attractions in Myanmar

The still relatively undiscovered neighboring country of Thailand, Myanmar, is in a way becoming more and more popular. The name was changed from Burma to Myanmar by the junta. The country, located in Southeast Asia, has been through quite a bit of violence and has only been able to focus on tourism for a few… Read More »

Myanmar Basic Information

Basic data Capital Naypyidaw Population 54.81 million Language Burmese Religion Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism State system federal republic Head of State the government is not internationally recognized Head of government the government is not internationally recognized Currency name myanmar kyat Travel Time shift +hours (in summer +4.5) Economy 2021 Nominal GDP (billion USD) 242.9 Economic… Read More »

Myanmar Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data Myanmar is the poorest country in the ASEAN Community, however, due to its relatively large population, it is the 7th largest economy of this Association. In the calendar year 2020, the country maintained economic growth despite the pandemic, but in… Read More »

Myanmar Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in Myanmar Since September 1, 2010, Myanmar has suspended the issuance of tourist visas at Yangon and Mandalay airports and at other border crossings. Since the issuance of visas has been suspended indefinitely, the relevant documents should be prepared in advance. Land entry from any neighboring country will also require… Read More »

History in Myanmar

The history of Myanmar is the history of the migration of various peoples who came here from the north along the sources of the Ayeyarwaddy River and settled here because they could not cross the high mountains. The most ancient of the peoples living in the territory of present-day Myanmar was the Mons. They began… Read More »

Classic Myanmar

Individual tour along the route Yangon – Amarapura – Mandalay – Awa – Sagaing – Bagan – Mount Popa – Ngapali Duration: 13, 14 and 15 nights Departures daily: Aeroflot, Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways Tour program: Day 1 Departure from Moscow Day 2 Arrival in Yangon. Free time in Yangon Meeting with the… Read More »

Myanmar State Facts

  CAPITAL Naypyidaw STATE STRUCTURE Presidential republic INTERNAL DIVISION The country is divided into 7 administrative regions (taying), 7 states (pui-ne) and 5 self-governing zones. Provinces and states are divided into districts (myone), which consist of cities (myo) and rural townships (sub-districts) that combine city blocks (yakwe) and groups of villages (cheyua) SQUARE 678,500 km²… Read More »

Myanmar History

Burma or Myanmar. Officially Republic of the Union of Myanmar, it is one of the countries of Southeast Asia. It shares its northern borders with China and its eastern borders with Laos and Thailand ; to the west are India, Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal. The south of the country is bathed by the waters of the Andaman Sea. Naypyidaw is the capital city of Myanmar according to itypemba. The history of Myanmar begins with the invasion of four… Read More »

Myanmar Economy

Myanmar is a potentially rich but heavily backward country; it presents very conservative economic structures, on which colonialism has had little weight and to which in practice not even the past government policy, set according to principles inspired by a sort of community socialism, has been able to bring substantial changes. The first signs of… Read More »