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According to shoppingpicks, January in Macedonia is usually a cold and wet month, with average temperatures ranging from -3°C to 8°C. Snowfall is common throughout the country, and the mountains can often be blanketed in snow. February is slightly warmer with temperatures ranging from -1°C to 10°C, however snow can still be expected. March brings more mild temperatures with an average range of 5-15°C. Rainfall becomes more common during this month, but the days become longer and brighter as the sun begins to shine more often. By April, temperatures start to warm up considerably with an average range of 10-20°C. The days are long and sunny and rainfall is relatively low for this time of year. May is a pleasant time in Macedonia, with temperatures ranging from 15-25°C on average. Rainfall continues to be light and the days are generally sunny and warm. June sees a further rise in temperature with an average range of 18-28°C. Rainfall remains light but thunderstorms can become more frequent during this month as summer approaches. July is typically the hottest month of the year in Macedonia, with temperatures reaching 30°C or higher on some days. Thunderstorms are common during this month as well as heavy rainfall at times. August continues to be hot and humid, but thunderstorms decrease slightly as autumn approaches; temperatures range between 20-30°C on average throughout this month. Check aristmarketing for Northern Macedonia in 1997.

The Conflict between Macedonians and Albanians

The peace agreement after the short-lived battles in 2001 has been implemented on paper but has been more difficult to put into practice. The conflict between the ethnic groups is close below the surface, and Macedonians and Albanians do not live together without side by side. New outbreaks of ethnic violence occur from time to time, but… Read More »

Attractions in Macedonia

Macedonia – Sights According to top-engineering-schools, Macedonia is a wonderful country with many interesting ones Attractions. So you should definitely see the lake and the city of Ohrind and the surrounding area. The Ohrindsee, on which the city of the same name was built, is located in a beautiful landscape with an almost untouched nature. The… Read More »

Macedonia Geography

Macedonia – key data Area: 25,713 km² (of which land: 25,433 km², water: 280 km²) Population: 2.1 million (July 2011 estimate, CIA). Composition: Macedonians 64.2%, Albanians 25.2%, Turks 3.9%, Roma 2.7%, Serbs 1.8%, others 2.2% (2002 census) Population density: 81 people per km² Population growth: 0.248% per year (2011, CIA) Capital: Skopje (506,926 residents, 2002)… Read More »

Travel to Macedonia

Macedonia is located in southern Europe. It borders Serbia to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south and Albania to the west. Since the country is to a large extent divided by the Vardar River, it is divided into East and West Macedonia. The landscape of Macedonia is characterized by the mountains.… Read More »