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According to shoppingpicks, in the month of January, Paraguay experiences warm and humid weather. The average temperature is around 25°C and there is some precipitation throughout the month. February brings a slight increase in temperatures to around 27°C but rainfall continues to be moderate. March sees a further increase in temperatures to around 29°C and rain showers become more frequent throughout most parts of the country. April brings even warmer weather with average temperatures ranging from 29-31°C, although some scattered thunderstorms may still occur in some areas. May is the hottest month in Paraguay with average temperatures ranging from 32-34°C and light rain showers becoming more frequent throughout much of the country. June brings a slight decrease in temperature with average temperatures ranging from 28-30°C but wet weather remains predominant throughout much of Paraguay. Paraguay is located in the middle of South America in the southern hemisphere. Summer runs from December to March. During the day it is then very hot with an average of 35°C. The climate is subtropical and the country, which is mostly flat, consists mostly of light tropical rainforest and savannas. The cool period, May to September, is also the driest period. Travel is best made then: during the day it is pleasantly warm with an average of 25°C. Because Paraguay is devoid of high mountains, both cold and tropical air masses can quickly reach the plains of Paraguay and bring about a rapid temperature drop or rise. Check aristmarketing for Paraguay in 1997.

Paraguay Geography and Population

Paraguay – geography The climate in Paraguay is tropical. In the hottest months (December-March) the temperature can vary between 25 °C and 43 °C and there is high humidity. During the winter months, large temperature fluctuations occur, rarely all the way down to near freezing point. The fluctuations in winter can happen from one day… Read More »

Paraguay Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax System Basic data According to cheeroutdoor.com, Paraguay has shown stable growth in recent years, however, it remains a developing country that has to rely on agricultural products and related problems (price fluctuations on world markets, dependence on the weather). The government is trying… Read More »

Paraguay History

Colonial period Inhabited by Indian tribes, the Paraguay was visited between 1521 and 1526 by the expedition led by the Spanish A. Garcia, followed by that of S. Caboto (1526-32). In 1537 Asunción was founded, a Spanish stronghold against Portuguese expansion and a starting point for expeditions to conquer the southern regions of the American… Read More »

Asuncion, Paraguay City Overview

Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay, is a country in America, located in the south central and eastern part of South America and in the north and northeast region of the Southern Cone. It is a country that does not have maritime coasts, [1] as does its neighbor Bolivia, although its fluvial coasts are irrigated by two important rivers, the Paraguay and the Paraná, which flow naturally… Read More »