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According to shoppingpicks, in the month of January, Rwanda experiences mild and dry weather. The average temperature is around 20°C and there is very little precipitation throughout the month. February brings a slight increase in temperatures to around 22°C but rainfall continues to be minimal. March sees a further increase in temperatures to around 24°C and light rain showers become more frequent throughout most parts of the country. April brings even warmer weather with average temperatures ranging from 25-27°C, although some scattered thunderstorms may still occur in some areas. May is the warmest month in Rwanda with average temperatures ranging from 28-30°C and light rain showers becoming more frequent throughout much of the country. June brings a slight decrease in temperature with average temperatures ranging from 26-28°C but wet weather remains predominant throughout much of Rwanda. The climate in Rwanda is more temperate than you would expect based on the location of the country, just below the equator. This is due to the mountainous landscape that tempers the tropical climate. The temperature is stable all year round at around 28°C. Rwanda is not an extremely wet country. Rain falls from September to May. April and November are the wettest months. An average of 110 millimeters falls during the rainy season, usually in the form of short showers. The best time to travel is in the dry period: from June to August. Check aristmarketing for Rwanda in 1997.

Rwanda Geography and Population

Rwanda – Geography Rwanda – Geography, The Republic is located in the western part of the Rift Valley and is a lush country but very poor and densely populated. For many years, Rwanda has been ravaged by conflicts between the two population groups Tutsi and Hutu. Population The population consists of three ethnic groups: hutu… Read More »

Rwanda Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax System Basic data According to cheeroutdoor.com, Rwanda’s public finances are and will remain in deficit for the next two years. The growth of the Rwandan economy should be driven mainly by the services sector, as a result of the revival of trade and… Read More »

Rwanda Resorts and Attractions

Rwanda is a country in central Africa. Common borders with the Congo – in the west, Uganda – in the north, Tanzania – in the east, Burundi – in the south. According to smb, the capital is Kigali. The official languages ​​are Kinyarwanda, French, English. Currency – Rwandan franc. The climate of Rwanda is subequatorial,… Read More »

Rwanda History

According to localcollegeexplorer, the territory of the Rwanda was inhabited, before the division between the European powers, by three ethnic groups: Hutu (85%), Tutsi (14%) and BaTwa (1%). In the pre-colonial state, organized in a monarchical form, the Tutsis, who constituted a minority, placed themselves at the top of the social pyramid. In 1899 the… Read More »

Rwanda State Overview

Rwanda, whose official name is the Republic of Rwanda, is a country in Central Africa. It borders Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania. It is a small country located in the region of the great lakes of Africa ; known as the “fogs of Africa”, also for its wild fauna, mainly for its mountain gorillas, for its typical cities… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Rwanda

In Rwanda you will not only find gorillas, but you can also discover a very interesting country. See chimpanzees and up to twelve other species of primate in Nyungwe Forest National Park or relax on the sandy shores of Lake Kiwu, one of Africa’s largest lakes. According to thereligionfaqs, Rwanda offers the easiest way to… Read More »