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According to shoppingpicks, January in the United Kingdom is a cold and wet month. Temperatures range from a high of 8°C (46°F) to a low of 2°C (36°F). Rainfall is common, with an average of 10-15 days per month. The humidity level is usually high and the risk of flooding is moderate. February sees temperatures remain cold and wet, with highs reaching up to 8°C (46°F) and lows dropping down to 2 °C (36 °F). Rainfall remains common, but there is still a risk of flooding in low lying areas. March brings slightly warmer temperatures with highs reaching up to 9-11 °C (48-52 °F) and lows dropping down to 4 ° C(39 ° F). Rainfall increases slightly but the risk of flooding remains moderate. April continues the trend of slightly warmer temperatures with highs reaching up to 13-15 °C (55-59 °F) and lows dropping down to 6 ° C(43 ° F). Rainfall levels remain consistent throughout the month, but there is still a risk of flooding in low lying areas. There are considerable differences in the climate in the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland, Scotland and North East England often experience relatively cool air. In the summer it often does not get warmer than about 19 degrees. In Wales and the southern parts of England it is relatively warm. London and the surrounding area has the warmest summers with an average maximum temperature of 23 degrees. The influence of the ocean is mainly reflected in the distribution of precipitation: the Scottish Highlands, Wales and the west coast of England are quite wet with more than 200 days of rain annually, sometimes more than 250 days, while eastern England has areas with only 150 days of rain. The mild winters in South West England are in stark contrast to those in the Scottish Highlands with its winter ski resorts. Check businesscarriers for United Kingdom Economics and Business.

United Kingdom Geography and Population

Great Britain – music Great Britain has a glorious musical tradition that shows some independence from the development of the rest of Europe. Countryaah: Do you know how many people there are in United Kingdom? Check this site to see population pyramid and resident density about this country. Middle Ages The Gregorian chant was introduced… Read More »

Things to Do in England, United Kingdom

As soon as you cross the Channel and end up in England, you imagine yourself in a completely different world. The typical British culture is suddenly something very different from mainland Europe. Brits hold very strongly to their own standards, values ​​and traditions, which gives you a real holiday feeling as a tourist because many… Read More »

United Kingdom Economy

Subchapters: Basic data Public finances and the state budget Banking system Tax system Basic data According to cheeroutdoor.com, the UK economy is the fifth largest in the world. GDP increased by 7.5% in 2021 after several lockdowns in 2020 and early 2021, but the UK still remained 0.4% below 2019 levels at the end of… Read More »

United Kingdom Visa, Embassy, Holidays and Shopping

VISAS, ENTRY RULES, CUSTOMS REGULATIONS in United Kingdom Documents for a visa are submitted to the British Visa Application Center, located in Moscow at Bolshoi Savvinsky lane, 12, building 18. Information service: +7 (495) 7847144. The service is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 21.00, calls to the call center paid: 60 rubles… Read More »

History in United Kingdom

The earliest evidence of human presence in the British Isles – flint tools – date back to approximately 250,000 BC. However, this civilization did not receive its development due to the onset of the ice age. Around 50,000 B.C. the ice receded, and a new generation of people arrived on the islands, the ancestors of… Read More »

United Kingdom Resorts and Attractions

The best way to travel around London is by bus and the underground (the oldest in the world). In the subway, you should not throw away the used ticket, because. you will definitely need it on the way out. It is most convenient to purchase TravelCard – travel tickets that are valid for almost all… Read More »

Attractions of Wales, United Kingdom

Back to the industrial age Today, the coal-mining valleys near Cardiff relive the days when Wales was an industrial powerhouse. According to topschoolsintheusa, the town of Blaenafon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers two attractions from the Industrial Age: the Big Pit Mining Museum and the Blaenafon Ironworks Industrial Museum. Llandudno The bay of the… Read More »

How to Get Around United Kingdom

Transportation Overview Note: Details in the relevant section of the different parts of the country. Traveling by plane British Airways (BA) flies several times a day to destinations including Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester. The following airlines also offer domestic UK flights: KLM Cityhopper (WA), easyJet (EZY) and Ryanair (FR). Air Travel Note British… Read More »

United Kingdom History and Demography

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [1] . It is a sovereign member state of the European Union and located in northwestern Europe. Its territory is geographically formed by the island of Great Britain, the northeast territory of the island of Ireland and small adjacent islands. Northern Ireland is the only part of the country with a land border, which… Read More »

United Kingdom Literature

ANGLO-SAXON LITERATURE (C. 650-1100) There is a gap, both linguistic and cultural, between Anglo-Saxon literature (ca. 650-1100), Middle English literature (ca. 1100-1500) and modern English. The first is written in a synthetic language, belonging to the West Germanic group of Indo-European languages, closer to German than to modern English. It was profoundly modified in the… Read More »

United Kingdom Literature: the Emergence of Bourgeois Culture

According to Estatelearning, the eighteenth century in England was a century of supreme intellectual and literary wealth, of profound social (just think of the first industrial revolution) and cultural upheavals, which made it a crucial century for modern culture, and not only for English. The rise and affirmation of a new social class, the mercantilist… Read More »

Elections in the UK Part III

5: Towards the end of Labour’s heyday? When this year’s election is held, Labor has been in power for almost thirteen years. It started with a landslide on May 1, 1997. The young and charismatic Tony Blair was then heard among voters for the manifesto on “New Labor”, “New Britain” and “The Third Way”. After… Read More »

Elections in the UK Part II

Put at the forefront, this means that a party can become number two in all constituencies, but without having a single representative in the House of Commons. A direct consequence is thus that there is not always a clear correspondence between the parties’ percentage support on a national basis and the percentage distribution of the… Read More »

Elections in the UK Part I

After a long wait, there are now parliamentary elections in the UK . The election date is set for May 6, just under a month before what would have been the absolute deadline. According to British election laws, it can take a maximum of five years from one parliamentary election to the next. Within this… Read More »

Brexit – What Now? Part III

Also the institutional development of the EU is an important part of the backdrop for understanding the outcome of the British EU referendum. The criticism of the EU as an undemocratic project , with too great a distance between the population and decision-makers and bureaucrats in Brussels, is neither new nor unique to Britain. The… Read More »

Brexit – What Now? Part II

Another interesting finding is that voters who state that they are “not very interested” in politics to a far greater extent voted to leave the EU. This seems to coincide with the “Leave” campaign’s argument that most people had had enough of the bureaucrats in Brussels and of the advice and analysis of the “elite”… Read More »

Brexit – What Now? Part I

On June 23, it became clear t: A majority of the British population wants to withdraw Britain from the EU. The result of the referendum came as a surprise to many – both in and outside the UK. Although opinion polls in the weeks before the vote showed a steady flow between those who wanted… Read More »

United Kingdom History

From the mainland to the island Great Britain wasn’t an island in the past! Admittedly, that was a long time ago. Until about 6000 BC In fact, Great Britain was connected to the mainland by a land bridge. It was only when the climate warmed and the sea level rose after the last ice age… Read More »