Take it off to Lesbos

By | January 16, 2021

Lesbos is a fertile small island that provides about 11 million olive trees. This is also where 80% of the Greek production of ouzo takes place, which is an aniseed spice drink that you like to drink as an aperitif. The name Lesbos actually comes from the word lesbian, when the famous female poet Sappho lived here about 2500 years ago. However, she was actually bisexual and took her own life in the 5th century BC. pga. a sailor but the word lesbian thus comes from her predilection for women.

Today the island is a charter paradise and a very beautiful island and relatively large as well, with the medieval village of Molivos in the north, the capital Mytilini or Plomari in the south. It is Greece’s third largest island, after Crete and Euboia. If you want more greenery, you should go to the eastern side while the western is drier and a little more volcanic. Do not forget to look at the petrified forest that was created due to a volcanic eruption about 20 million years ago. The forest is located between the villages Andissa and Sigri, about 4 km from the road.


Around Lesbos there are many nice beaches. The villages of Petra or Anaxos have the most beautiful and Skala Kallonis in Kalloni Bay is fantastic, it too. One positive aspect with Lesbos, is that one can find all types of beaches for all ages. There are shallow sandy beaches alongside pebble beaches and the island also has some unexplored coves to dive in. The beaches are often long and wide and offer both rental of sun umbrellas and the opportunity for various water sports.

The ouzo factories

According to smber, the drink ouzo is widely produced on Lesbos and around the island there are about 17 factories where you can go in and taste or buy a bottle. Eight of these factories are located in Plomari in the south and if you want, you can get a guide who tells you about the magical powers of the drink that the Greeks believe it has. Ouzu is not only drunk – it is also bathed on mosquito bites or in places where pain relief is needed.

Olive oil

In addition to tourism and ouzo as well as feta cheese and yoghurt, there is another thing that is special, because a large amount of olives is grown here. This makes the olive oil on Lesbos one of the better ones on the Mediterranean. Olive oil accounts for about 10% of income and the olives are harvested by hand every year in November. In the past, they also made olive soaps here, but have now moved that production to Athens.

Meet the locals

On Lesbos, it is said that it is easier to get in touch with the locals than it is, for example. is in Mykonos or Athens. Many people talk about the economic crisis but still have a self-distance and take it with a bit of humor. The island has long been dependent on its tourism and as it has declined, many have gotten worse. You like to discuss this openly with the tourists and no matter what topic you are interested in, the locals like to meet you with open arms and a curious mind.

Take it off to Lesbos