Tenerife’s Best Beaches

By | January 8, 2021

The large Canary Island of Tenerife is not only volcanoes and culture, but a variety of beautiful beaches suitable for both surfers and families with children. The northern part is greener and also has slightly wilder beaches with bigger waves for surfers, while the southern part of the island is better for families with children. However, there are of course exceptions and northern Tenerife also has charter resorts where families and couples can travel and enjoy the beaches. Here are some tips on Tenerife’s best players.

El Médano and Playa de la Tejita

According to best-medical-schools, both beaches are located in the south of Tenerife and neither of them is child friendly. El Médano is ranked as one of the top ten beaches for windsurfing and has no sandy beach which means that children will not appreciate it. The second beach, which is right next to the first, is called Playa de la Tejita and is a nudist beach. It may be a little detour for newlyweds or for people who simply want to throw off their swimming trunks and avoid the bikini stripes.

Playa Jardín i norr

Near the northern tourist resort of Puerto de la Cruz is Playa Jardín which is the most beautiful and child-friendly beach in the north. The greenery in the background is striking and the whole area is loved by both couples and families with children.

Playa Las Arenas

Here is a beach perfect for surfing. The beach is located in the northern parts of the island and the surrounding landscape is full of mountains and valleys. Here the waves are real and swimming with small children here can be more than dangerous. However, there are calm pools formed between the cliffs next to the beach and there you can play around without being afraid. The beach has sand and most people who come here are couples or surfers who want to experience the forces of the sea up close.

Playa de las Teresitas

This child-friendly beach has Sahara-imported sand and the beach is relatively quiet and has many restaurants around. Many families with children go here if they stay near the capital Santa Cruz and it easily gets full here. Take a moment and admire the many small fishing boats that are moored along the shore and that make up a splash of color and more life and movement. The beach often appears on holiday photos and postcards.


This is also a very child-friendly beach as wave dampers have been laid further out to sea to calm the most aggressive waves. The beach is located in the south, not far from the tourist resort of Los Cristianos and is a wonderful beach with golden brown sand. Here you can count on meeting many other tourists and the restaurants and cafes are many. When evening comes, the bars light up and the nightlife begins.

Playa Los Cristianos

It is impossible to talk about the beaches of Tenerife without mentioning the tourist-dense and popular Playa los Cristianos. The resort is located in southern Tenerife and welcomes tourists and visitors all year round. All around is the old charming fishing village that made Los Cristianos so famous and the whole atmosphere breathes relaxation and Tenerife in its essence. Whether you like it or not, it’s up to everyone, but it’s no coincidence that Playa Los Cristianos has become Tenerife’s most talked about beach, which also has Playa de la Americas not far away – another popular beach.

The beach has playgrounds, bars, restaurants and water sports on offer.

The beaches in Tenerife are usually clean and fresh and they are also long, which means that you usually always find a secluded place somewhere.

Tenerife's best beaches