The 50 countries with the highest economic growth in the world

By | October 14, 2021

International economic growth is subject to constant change. Some countries win, others lose economic strength. According to statements from the American news company Bloomberg, global international economic growth will slow significantly in the next few years. And the news company is making even more drastic forecasts. According to the company, economically secondary states like Indonesia or India will have a massive impact on global economic growth. See for the worlds 15 largest countries.

Ranking of the 50 countries with the highest economic growth

Rank Country Economic growth (%)
1 Azerbaijan (Asia) 22.20
2 Angola (Africa) 20.30
3 Equatorial Guinea (Africa) 15.40
4 Latvia (Europe) 10.40
5 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 9.60
6 Estonia (Europe) 9.30
7 Ethiopia (Africa) 9.20
8 Libya (Africa) 9.20
9 Kazakhstan (Asia) 9.10
10 Armenia (Asia) 9.00
11 Argentina (South America) 8.80
12 Vietnam (Asia) 8.80
13 Qatar (Asia) 8.70
14 Dominican Republic (North America) 8.60
15 Lithuania (Europe) 8.30
16 Afghanistan (Asia) 8.20
17 Georgia (Asia) 8.10
18 India (Asia) 8.10
19 Hong Kong (Asia) 7.90
20 Cuba (North America) 7.60
21 Laos (Asia) 7.60
22 Sudan (Africa) 7.60
23 Tajikistan (Asia) 7.30
24 Belarus (Europe) 7.30
25 Pakistan (Asia) 7.20
26 Congo (Africa) 6.90
27 Peru (South America) 6.90
28 Moldova (Europe) 6.80
29 Uzbekistan (Asia) 6.80
30 Venezuela (South America) 6.80
31 Cambodia (Asia) 6.70
32 Mozambique (Africa) 6.70
33 Nigeria (Africa) 6.70
34 Russia (Europe) 6.70
35 Saudi Arabia (Asia) 6.70
36 Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa) 6.40
37 Jordan (Asia) 6.40
38 Iran (Asia) 6.30
39 Panama (North America) 6.20
40 United Arab Emirates (Asia) 6.20
41 Algeria (Africa) 6.10
42 Iceland (Europe) 6.10
43 Sierra Leone (Africa) 6.10
44 Sri Lanka (Asia) 6.10
45 Turkey (Asia) 6.10
46 Gambia (Africa) 6.00
47 Bangladesh (Asia) 5.90
48 Indonesia (Asia) 5.90
49 Philippines (Asia) 5.90
50 Senegal (Africa) 5.90
Economic growth refers to the change in gross domestic product (GDP), i.e. the sum of the prices of the economic goods (goods and services) produced in an economy, from one period to the next.

This country comparison takes 158 countries into account.

Economic growth (%) statistics

feature value
Number of countries covered 158
average 4.95
Median 4.90
minimum -5.00
maximum 22.20
Standard deviation 3.14

The economic growth is currently low

According to the IMF, the International Monetary Fund, the current economic growth is only three percent. This figure is the worst amount since the financial crisis. According to experts, global tensions are responsible for the slowly advancing economy. Events such as the US-China trade war are having a significant impact on international trade.

China and India are at the forefront

Although China has asserted itself as an important protagonist for international economic growth for many years, the country will probably lose some of its growth and lose its second place in the world rankings to India by 2024. According to current estimates, the USA would then rank third on the list with economic growth of 9.2 percent. All other countries will affect the economy much less. While economic experts put Indonesia in fourth place with 3.7 percent, Russia and Brazil will be 2.0 and 1.8 percent behind.

No significant economic growth in Germany

The top 10 also include Germany, Japan and Turkey, each with a share of 1.6 percent in international economic growth. After all, the economy in Germany is currently stagnating and will currently only grow by a maximum of 0.5 to 1.2 percent per year. This value is relatively low by German standards. This is because Germany will have the second lowest economic growth of all industrialized nations in 2019, after Italy.

These countries occupy the following places

Although the UK was ranked ninth among the countries with the highest economic growth for a long time, this position will also deteriorate in the next few years until 2024. The top 20 countries that will dominate the global economy in the next five years include countries such as Pakistan, Mexico, Egypt, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, Malaysia and Thailand. In contrast, countries like Canada, Spain, Vietnam or Poland will probably lose economic growth. As a result, these nations will probably no longer join the list of countries with the greatest economic growth in the near future.

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