The 50 countries with the largest male overhang in the world

By | October 10, 2021

In most industrialized nations, a slight excess of women has been common up to now. But the tide seems to be turning. If current statistics are to be believed, in 2016, for the first time, there were more men than women in countries like Sweden. This trend also continues in countries such as Norway, Denmark or Switzerland. But there are also many countries far beyond European borders in which there is a clear excess of men. See for the worlds 15 richest countries.

Ranking of the 50 countries with the largest male excess

Rank Country Gender distribution men / women
1 Qatar (Asia) 1.87
2 Kuwait (Asia) 1.52
3 United Arab Emirates (Asia) 1.43
4 Samoa (Australia-Oceania) 1.39
5 Bahrain (Asia) 1.26
6 Oman (Asia) 1.25
7 Saudi Arabia (Asia) 1.20
8 Palau (Australia-Oceania) 1.13
9 French Guiana (South America) 1.12
10 Greenland (North America) 1.12
11 Jordan (Asia) 1.10
12 Mayotte (Africa) 1.10
13 Brunei Darussalam (Asia) 1.09
14 Andorra (Europe) 1.08
15 Grenada (North America) 1.08
16 Bhutan (Asia) 1.07
17 French Polynesia (Australia-Oceania) 1.07
18 Trinidad and Tobago (North America) 1.07
19 Turks and Caicos Islands (North America) 1.07
20 American Samoa (Australia-Oceania) 1.06
21 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 1.06
22 India (Asia) 1.06
23 Nepal (Asia) 1.06
24 Afghanistan (Asia) 1.05
25 Bangladesh (Asia) 1.05
26 British Virgin Islands (North America) 1.05
27 Djibouti (Africa) 1.05
28 Faroe Islands (Europe) 1.05
29 Libya (Africa) 1.05
30 Maldives (Asia) 1.05
31 Niger (Africa) 1.05
32 Pakistan (Asia) 1.05
33 Palestinian Territories (Asia) 1.05
34 Papua New Guinea (Australia-Oceania) 1.05
35 Syria, Arab Republic (Asia) 1.05
36 Vanuatu (Australia-Oceania) 1.05
37 Albania (Europe) 1.04
38 Guam (Australia-Oceania) 1.04
39 Iran (Asia) 1.04
40 Yemen (Asia) 1.04
41 Marshall Islands (Australia-Oceania) 1.04
42 East Timor (Asia) 1.04
43 St. Vincent and the Grenadines (North America) 1.04
44 Suriname (South America) 1.04
45 Taiwan (Asia) 1.04
46 Anguilla (South America) 1.03
47 Belize (North America) 1.03
48 Dominican Republic (North America) 1.03
49 Solomon Islands (Australia-Oceania) 1.03
50 St. Helena (Africa) 1.03
A value above 1 corresponds to a male surplus, a value below 1 to a female surplus. If the gender distribution is exactly 1, there are equal numbers of men and women.

This country comparison takes 220 countries into account.

Gender distribution men / women statistics

feature value
Number of countries covered 220
average 1.00
Median 0.99
minimum 0.77
maximum 1.87
Standard deviation 0.10

Is a lower life expectancy for men directly related to lifestyle?

A look at the countries worldwide with the largest male surplus reveals that in this comparison, Asian countries in particular are ahead. A first tendency for this already begins in the delivery room. Because for every 100 births of girls there are 105 births of boys. In return, men in many countries die an average of five years earlier. This is due to, for example, an unhealthy lifestyle.

The fewer women, the more difficult it is to live together?

As long as the relationship between men and women is relatively balanced, the gender disparity is unlikely to have any effect on coexistence. However, if women are permanently in the minority in the countries, the supposedly weaker sex will probably find it more difficult to constantly assert themselves in the partnership. For example, it is problematic that in countries with unusually few women, traditional family images are also favored. This means that an above-average number of women from these countries cannot read or write either.

In India, female embryos are specifically aborted

Countries like China or India in particular are known for an unequal gender distribution. In the list of countries with the largest male surplus, these countries are only in the upper midfield. However, it has been known for a long time that girls are deliberately aborted in these states. While boys are seen as a family support, the dowry required for girls in marriage puts many families in family trouble. This is why the imbalance in India is even greater with 100 females for a total of 112 males. It is certainly difficult to argue whether criminal acts such as group administrations known through the media would not also take place without this unequal relationship. But the fact is that accompanying social circumstances associated with a male overhang increase the tendency towards sexist role models or economic insecurities. The high number of male migrant workers in China is said to have raised trafficking in women and prostitution in the country to a new level. However, excessive scaremongering on this issue is probably out of place.

There are many reasons for a man’s overhang

Examples like China or India show that the reasons for a man overhang probably vary in many countries. Nevertheless, measures such as the deliberate abortion of female embryos play a not insignificant role.

The 50 countries with the largest male overhang in the world