The Craving for Tenerife?

By | January 2, 2021

The island of Tenerife has had tourists since the 19th century and is thus not a newcomer to charter travelers, even though the travels of that time were much more different from those that came later. Tenerife is a large island and has great diversity in terms of nature and range of experiences. Its popularity does not seem to be declining and the island is a typical example that the Canary Islands are not as predictable as one might think. Like the other islands, Tenerife is a volcanic island and it is visible. Here is Spain’s highest peak with the 3718 m high volcano Pica di Teide and the small craters around remind the population and tourists of eruptions and lava.

North and south

There is a big difference in nature in the northern parts of Tenerife and the south. In the north it is much more fertile with laurel forests and valleys as well as some mountains and in the south it is dry and deserted with a hint of the Wild West.

The common denominator, however, is all beaches that extend around the entire coastal strip. The northern ones are wilder than the wide calm ones in the south, which means that surfers like to stay there.

Life in the north also offers more city life but less tourism than the southern and central parts. To the south is also the airport Tenerife Sur, so they have chosen to place the largest tourist resorts here such as Playa de las Americas or Los Christianos.

Tenerife also has a northern airport – Tenerife North, from which you can travel to the rest of the Canary Islands by domestic flight or


According to findjobdescriptions, the capital of Tenerife is called Santa Cruz and shares its role as the capital of the archipelago together with Las Palmas in Gran Canaria. The city is charming and relatively large and there is a lot to do in terms of shopping, nightlife and movement. In the nearby town of La Laguna, student life is hectic and so are the bar rounds and all the nightclubs where students flock. If you want to eat really good tapas or drink Canarian beer, this is the place to go!

Another city that breathes colonial times is the picturesque La Orotava, which many consider the sweetest city in the Canary Islands. You go here if you want peace and quiet and take part in the fantastic history and culture in true Canarian style. There are also sights such as the Great Cathedral and the Sociedad Liceo de Taoro – a red and magnificent building that is today a cultural institution.

Get here and get around

As Tenerife is a large island and in fact the largest, right next to Gran Canaria, a rental car is a good alternative as you should also discover both the northern and southern parts. Otherwise, the local bus traffic and the road network are very good and a flexible alternative if you do not want to rent a car.

Getting to Tenerife from Sweden goes well with charters from the big cities. If you want to go regularly, you usually have to change. However, Ryanair has a route from Skavsta to Tenerife South, but it is not entirely clear if it is still running as Ryanair is significantly reducing its flights. However, the line is still available on the website.

The craving for Tenerife