The Finest Beaches on Fuerteventura

By | January 12, 2021

It’s no secret that Fuerteventura has become a holiday paradise for sunbathing people from all over the continent. Many even say that 7 of Europe’s best beaches are gathered here. The beaches that are available are also very varied and can cover most needs. The 200 km long stretch of beach on the island is not only a beautiful experience but also an adventure in itself.

Gran Tajaral

According to indexdotcom, the second largest town on the island is called Gran Tajaral and on the elongated beach of the same name, there is a plethora of activities such as volleyball, football and water sports. The charm of the place is also that you can meet more Canaries than tourists, so if you want to get to know locals, this is a great opportunity. The beach is extremely child – friendly with lots of restaurants and playgrounds as well as calm waves. However, there are not many hotels nearby, which makes the beach a haven for locals and islanders.

El Cotillo – a lagoon and a gem

Anyone who wants to see a postcard-like beach with lagoons and emerald green water has come to the right place if you stop at El Cotillo. The beach is incomparably beautiful and next to it is a charming fishing village that has set up some of its restaurants right on the beach. El Cotillo is located in the northwest, not far from the resort of Corralejo.

Playa de Cofete

If you are a surfer, you do not need to look any further. Playa de Cofete is a wonderfully beautiful beach with white sand and high waves. As the water risks becoming a little rough, it is not so good to swim far out, but you can of course dip a little at the shoreline and jump in the soft waves if you want. If you swim further out, you should make sure to never be alone. Playa de Cofete is a mile-long beach, which means that many people like to jog here and there is always a secluded place for those who want to be at peace.

Playa Esmeralda

It is beaches like this that make a reminder that Fuerteventura has some of the most beautiful in the world. Esmeralda is as charming as the name suggests and has also been praised as one of the world’s ten most beautiful beaches. It is located on the Jandia Peninsula and is suitable for both large and small people. There are waves, chalk-white sand and places where children can play by the shore. There are plenty of restaurants right next door which makes it easy to spend all day here. You should not be surprised if you long to return as soon as you have left Esmeralda.

Dunas de Corralejo

A beach in Corralejo that is a little further away is called Dunes de Corralejo. It is located about 30 minutes from the resort and is shallow with white, fine-grained sand, perfect for children and couples who want to swim out a bit. Here you can rent surfboards as well as sun loungers and other equipment and when hunger strikes, you can choose from a number of small, sweet taverns.

Nudist baths in long rows

Nudist swimming is very common in the Canary Islands and even though there is no direct beach for it, there are many beaches that have remote parts where nude bathers go. However, Las Dunas in the north and Jandía Beach in the south are two places where it is almost a rule to be a nude swimmer. So you should think about it if you stay there with children – only buttocks are more the rule than the exception.

The finest beaches on Fuerteventura