The Finest Beaches on Lesbos

By | January 19, 2021

On the island of Lesbos in the Greek archipelago you can find over 40 beaches to enjoy and the positive thing about them is that you often do not have to be crowded with people as can be the case in many other places in the Mediterranean. When you are on Lesbos, it is not uncommon to get a feeling of going back in time, in a Greece as it was in the past in the world and that is also the charm of this quiet holiday destination. All beaches on Lesbos are perfect in their own way and many can also be a bit wild, but they are thus more personal and always suit someone. Read more about some tips in Lesbos, about the best beaches that lie in wait.

Family Friendly Scale Kallonis

If you have children with you, the beach in Kalloni Bay, Skala Kallonis is a very popular alternative and is 40 minutes by car from the village of Petra. The water is calm and relatively free from waves, the beach is shallow and is ideal for play at the water’s edge and the small fishing village behind which has also become a popular destination, is very calm and pleasant. Here you can also take the opportunity to meet Greeks, as many locals go here during free days or afternoons. Despite the small size of the resort, the range of restaurants is large and this may also be due to the fact that Skala Kallonis is known throughout Greece for its sardine fishing. So you can count on eating your fill of fish, wherever you end up. Most restaurants are located parallel to the beach or down by the harbor. The beach itself has dark and fine-grained sand and a series of parasols with straw hats.

Kagia Beach – the unexplored beach where you can be at peace

If you dislike crowded beaches where all tourists find, then you should head to the hidden Kagia Beach which is about 45 minutes from Petra and just over a kilometer from the port village of Skala Sikaminias. Here it is pebbles that apply, no sand and the beach is relatively small and narrow but divinely cozy and tourist-free. Virtually everyone who has come here is a local or a few tourists who have read carefully before leaving where the small gold nuggets are hidden somewhere. Here you can snorkel and relax in the shade of the pine trees, but be prepared that there is no organized activity here or any restaurants either, for that matter. You come here when you want to be by yourself without hearing the tourists’ screams and shouts and therefore the beach is preserved as it has always been.

Tarti – the paradise beach

According to collegesanduniversitiesinusa, Lesbos’ perhaps most beautiful beach, which is also difficult for tourists to access, is called Tarti and is located between Plomari and the Gulf of Yera. The beach is incredibly clean with spring water clear water and a short sandy beach. Many have pointed to Tarti as Lesbos’ best beach and it is probably always beautiful. However, there are not many activities here and only two simple taverns are offered.


If you want a slightly more active beach where restaurants line up and sunbeds can be rented, you should head to the village of Anaxos, whose long golden brown sandy beach is perfect for large and small children. This tourist resort is nestled between Molivos and P├ętra in a lush and green environment. It is close to sights and charming towns.

The finest beaches on Lesbos