The “Regarded The Planet Earth” from a Space Capsule at Home Decor

This year, the school of design IADE has decided to participate in Home Decor from the hand of their seniors. At the beginning of April a contest whose briefing was convened “Looks to planet Earth”. It is curious to see how five student finalist teams have managed to give shape to different conceptions around a same leitmotif.

How to solve the setting in scene of the five projects thought me of more creative. It is as if the visitor should come within a space capsule allowing Sun, the other moon watch from one side and then, through a series of windows, the milky way and five windows that offer a somewhat dreamlike vision of our planet.

A great idea that will make the times’s business card and It will serve as a springboard for a new generation of Interior designers in our country, as the Cube space will make the times of auditorium in this edition of Casa Decor. Which means that many presentations, conferences and round tables will take place in this space, and that people will admire the creativity of all these young people and promising interior designer.

The Regarded The Planet Earth from a Space Capsule at Home Decor 2

Leticia Basail and Manuel Macho performed “The Living Forest”. In a seemingly gray world, nature, once more, we are surprised seeping and flooding the reality of color and hope. Find definitions of wall clock on The vision of this snowy landscape, with the tree in the foreground, which seems to awaken to life, not with green shoots but with thousands of blue butterflies of different sizes, reminded me a little the installation the artist Pamen Pereira with his swallows made in the store that firm Hermes has in Barcelona.

With its “Broken Heart”, Luis de Benito and Alberto Guerrero opted for spontaneity in the natural environment, and the incomprehensible beauty that hides. The action of the human being must be in harmony with all. There is a world of possibilities in our current waste. But no one better that them for recycle a lot of plastic in a volcanic explosion cups with art beautiful breathtaking. Congratulations!

Ana Buesa, ANETA Mijatovic, Marta Mosquera and Irene Sangüés created a reinterpretation of the “Aurora Borealis” by means of fluorescent tubes placed representing a sine wave. A phenomenon that occurs when protons and electrons are guided by the magnetic field of the Earth, near the Poles, with a focus on the atmosphere in the form of visible light of various colors. When I told them that more than one would stick to have that installation in their windows they put poker face. Already understand me!

The Regarded The Planet Earth from a Space Capsule at Home Decor 1

In the cities we develop our lives. The skylines are the landscapes that we see from it representing a part of the Earth seen from the sky. Rectangular shapes of the window are abandoned to project the circular shape of the Earth upside down, with the upside down, buildings and sky on the ground. That is the vision of Patricia Catalán, Cristina Correal and Marta Escrig.

“The creed in natura” Jesús Palomero and Juanjo Salagre is loaded with symbolism. In today’s society everything, or almost everything, is made, create or purchase with money. Despite the social force of this element are the natural elements that, unexpectedly, can destroy the application of the hand of man through this material. This window is an experiment. The physical demonstration that the moral structures of our society, by very seated are, may wobble.

Box, square and cubic, lined with 2-cent coins, arranged in zigzag (as of safe Missoni which are copied it to see it) represents all the social and economic structure of the world which undergoes changes in opening itself to the outside: the coins will take off, the wind will move them getting that something changes with time and a cane,.

The Regarded The Planet Earth from a Space Capsule at Home Decor 3

If you are going to visit Casa Decor, do not fail to pass through this space. It is worth!