The Romantic Molivos

By | January 17, 2021

Molivos is an ancient medieval town located on the north side of Lesbos. Here you can admire ancient fortresses, walk along the narrow cobbled alleys and watch the rich bird life that the town is known for. The biggest charm of Molivos is that it is located around a mountain on a hill, so you can count on working the leg muscles when you go up the streets. You can almost resemble the old fishing village with many towns from the fairy tales, where the houses and streets are built on the height and climb upwards to meet the city castle or fortress. There are a number of rules that describe how both the architecture and the buildings are to be preserved, so this must not be changed. Molivos differs slightly from the other Greek white houses with blue knots.

Sunbathing and swimming in Molivos

Also in Molivos there is a beach which at the top consists of pebbles but which turns into sand the further out into the water you get. Here you can snorkel, dive, rent a pedal boat or go water skiing and windsurfing. Along the beach are several Greek restaurants serving both local and other Mediterranean cuisine. A little further away from the beach you can also try tennis and develop your serve.

Hiking guide

According to answermba, something that Molivos can boast of is its hiking trails just outside the city where you can walk or bike. More and more trails are being marked out and this also applies to other tourist destinations such as Petra and Eftalou. However, it is important to pay attention to poisonous snakes such as the Ottoman Viper, which likes to lie on the paths and sunbathe. This species is considered to be Europe’s most poisonous snake, so watch out!

Shopping and nightlife

Many of the old wooden houses that used to be homes in the city center have today been converted into picturesque shops or caf├ęs. If you want to shop in Molivos, it can be recommended that you buy a lot of Greece’s best olive oil, the national drink ouzo, the island’s honey, ceramics and the domestic organic wine. If it’s clothes you are looking for, there are better cities to shop in, but just linen clothes are typical of Molivos if this would be of interest.
The nightlife in Molivos exists but can of course not be compared to that in Crete or Mallorca in Spain. However, you can go to some of the city’s discos or have a drink in the bars. During the high season, you usually hold several outdoor concerts at the castle at the top or arrange an outdoor cinema where movies are shown in the open air.

Get around Molivos

In Molivos, there are several alternatives to car rental companies where you can also rent a motorcycle. The bus network is fully approved, especially during the high season when buses connect Molivos with the capital Mytillini as well as the tourist resorts of Petra, Eftalou and Anaxos. The latter buses that take travelers to the nearby towns run twice a day and cost 7-8 euros for a single ticket. You can also take a taxi but keep in mind that they stop driving at night during low and post-season. Even during the high season, it is difficult to get a taxi after. 03.

The romantic Molivos