The Special Home and Decoration Style of El Corte IngléS

For some time we have been coming to the presentations of El Corte Inglés and therein has amazed us the turn you have given to your Department of Home and decoration. The style, colors, designs have been modernized and adapted to what Pascua Ortega called on one of these presentations as “the democratization of Interior Design”.

The presentation this week has been on a high, with recreation of spaces both for the field and for the city, the beach or the mountain. With all the prices and for all tastes, so are collections of the new line of El Corte Inglés.

From a full apartment decorated by 550 euros to thes famous SMEG refrigerators in colors fluorine, since racial and ethnic style which takes US back to Mexico until the Classic flowers Provencal-style dinnerware, everything has a place in this new line, which stores are going to market with its name, the English Court.

Part of this new Corte Inglés we saw on Christmas, when he fascinated us collection of cottages and the environment this Assembly own-brand new. Also in the presentation of MiniHome saw that something is changing and good prices are insured, which is not putting pegas, but it’s about time that was one of the most important Spanish companies for all.

Blue Island

A collection inspired by a peaceful island, with White as undisputed protagonist but combined with summer blues, frewcos and elegant neutral tones and a series of funny sailors and marine prints you going to brighten up the House.

Coral Reef

Here the inspiration is in the Florida’s Atlantic coast, Miami as a place of reference between the Everglades and the ocean. A collection of lush pastels with an acid dot, now called ringtones vitamins and I’m not surprised, because they give good vibrations. Vegetal patterns in textiles and tableware and much color…


Mexico, constant inspiration of artists, decorators and interior designers becomes the protagonist, with its brightly painted walls, its tones powerful crafts, an explosion of color at home.

A touch of fun anywhere, a few wonderful embroidered textiles.

A fully furnished apartment for 550 euros

A couple of years ago would have been impossible furnish and decorate an apartment completely in the English Court at this price, now with his line, best price, signature is put the batteries with a young & trendy collection, from furniture, textiles, tableware and accessories (lighting, decoration…)

Of course, there is a continuity and we also find neo-classical and contemporary style, as well as the rest of the interior design and luxury tableware and firms which usually have their corner stores (Becara, Riviera Maison…)

As you can see everything a deployment of creativity for the next season (good and that, despite the cool, we are already well involved in the spring) all the colors, styles, design and price to suit all budgets. What do you think This change in the El Corte Inglés?