Things to Do in Belgium

By | November 24, 2022

Belgium, located south of the Netherlands, is a popular holiday destination among the Dutch. Every month, tens of thousands of Dutch people take a city trip to beautiful cities such as Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp. The Flemish coast attracts lovers of the beach, sea and sun and the Ardennes are very popular among people who want to seek out nature. Holidays to the Ardennes are mainly dominated by sportsmanship. You can enjoy excellent cycling, hiking, canoeing or other outdoor activities. What applies to all of Belgium is the geniality with which the Belgians please their guests. The Burgundian life occupies an important place in both the smaller towns and the large cities in Belgium. This distinguishes Belgium from a large part of the Netherlands, where there is mainly a Calvinist slant. Once you have started your journey of discovery of Belgium, you will gradually fall in love with Belgian culture. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Belgium.

Belgium ‘s Top 10 Attractions

#1. Antwerp

The Dutch really like coming to Antwerp. The number of city trips and day visits to this city on the Scheldt is continuously high. The largest city in the Flemish part of Belgium is bursting with history. The emergence of the port in the twelfth century has ensured that Antwerp has enjoyed a long period of prosperity. The wealth is exhaled by a large number of buildings and squares in the center of Antwerp. The nice thing about Antwerp is that it has not become an open-air museum, but that daily life continues here as well. Antwerp is therefore a modern city, where in recent years beautiful modern elements have been added to the historical heritage of the city. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Belgium.

#2. Belgium coast

Belgium has a coastal strip of only 67 kilometers. However, about 95% of this consists of pleasant sandy beaches, where it is nice to stay during summer days as well as in other seasons. The Belgian coast has a number of smaller and larger seaside resorts. The best known are the fashionable Knokke, party place Blankenberge and the city of Ostend. During the year, many events are organized on the coast to entertain the many tourists who come to the coast.

Take into account possible heavy traffic if you want to drive to the Flemish coast during a summer day. Especially during the summer holidays and weekends, there can be significant traffic jams on the roads to the beaches. The train can be a good alternative. You can travel by train to Ostend or a number of other places on the coast (tickets can be booked through NS International ) and then travel with the Coastal Tram to any seaside resort along the Belgian coast.

#3. Historic Center of Bruges

At the time when Amsterdam was little more than a village and Antwerp played no significant role at all, the West Flemish city of Bruges was already a major city with an important role in northwestern Europe. The flourishing cloth production in the region and the seaport made Bruges a trading hub that brought the city a lot of wealth and prosperity. A number of squares, streets and buildings date from this golden period that you can still find in Bruges today. The entire city center of Bruges, with all its historic sights, is in its entirety on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

#4. In Flanders Fields Museum

The In Flanders Fields Museumis one of the most fascinating museums in Belgium. The First World War had a huge impact on Belgium and places in Belgium. That is because a reasonable part of this four-year war was fought on Belgian territory. The province of West Flanders in particular has had a hard time. The trench warfare that took place here has a number of remarkable moments and lows. This is the first war in which chemical weapons have been used. A city that suffered a lot during WW I is Ypres. Today, Ypres is seen as the center of World War I commemorations. Ypres has an impressive museum that is entirely devoted to the First World War.

#5. Breweries

Belgium is known as a beer country. Few countries in the world are as famous for its beers as Belgium. In the case of Belgium, this is mainly due to the beer culture in which there is a very wide range of specialty beers and the age-old traditions that go with it. It is the top-fermented Belgian beers that are highly regarded. Belgium still has a striking number of small breweries where brewing is done according to old-fashioned methods. If you are in Belgium you can visit breweries. There are larger breweries (such as Interbrew in Leuven) but also plenty of smaller breweries that are open to visitors. Please note, because you often have to book in advance.

#6. Grand Place of Brussels

The main square of Brussels is the Grote Markt. The square was laid out in the eleventh century and formed the center of the city of Brussels. There are a large number of historic guild houses on the Grote Markt. The impressive Gothic City Hall of Brussels and the Broodhuis are also located here. This is where the Museum of the City of Brussels is located. Once every two years, the Grote Markt is the place where an enormous carpet of flowers is laid out. The Grote Markt has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998.

#7. The Ardennes

A sports playground for young and old. This is how the Ardennes nature reserve can best be described. The Ardennes are a low mountain range that extends over a large part of Wallonia, a part of France and northwestern Luxembourg. Thanks to the wooded hilly landscape, the Ardennes form a beautiful nature reserve with excellent opportunities to participate in all kinds of sports such as cycling, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, canoeing, rafting and more. There are also all kinds of survival trips in the Ardennes. The Ardennes is therefore a place where you will find a relatively large number of group accommodations.

#8. Belfries

A belfry is a medieval watchtower fitted with a storm bell. Another name for belfry is hallentoren. These non-religious towers are especially common in Belgium and France. The Netherlands also has one. This is located in the Zeeland town of Sluis. The belfries of Belgium and France are jointly on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is mainly due to the social role that these city towers played in the Middle Ages. Almost all Belgian belfries are open to the public. Almost without exception, the belfries offer a beautiful panoramic view of the city where they are located. You will have to climb many steps to enjoy the view. Elevators did not yet exist at the time when the belfries were built. An exception is the belfry of Ghent. This is equipped with a lift from the 1st floor. Because the first part still has to be traveled via stairs, this belfry is also not suitable for people with a wheelchair.

#9. atomium

Many large cities have an architectural masterpiece that is directly linked to that city. For example, Dubai has the Burj Khalifa tower, Sydney has its Opera House, everyone will immediately think of Paris at the Eiffel Tower and Gaudi’s buildings will be directly linked to the Spanish city of Barcelona. Brussels has its own landmark: the Atomium. This monument designed by André Waterkeyn was built for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. It was actually intended as a temporary monument, but now it is one of the most visited sights in Belgium. In January 2013, the television channel declared the Atomium the most bizarre building in Europe. If you want, you can admire the Atomium not only from the outside but also from the inside. If you visit the top sphere, you have a unique panoramic view of the city of Brussels.

#10. Technopolis

Belgium has several amusement parks, playgrounds and other places where especially children can enjoy themselves. Technopolis in Mechelen is fun and educational. You will learn all about science and technology through tests, demonstrations and films. Technopolis is suitable for all ages, but is especially popular among school-age children and adolescents. It is not for nothing that Technopolis is a frequently visited outing during school trips by Belgian schools.

Things to Do in Belgium