Things to Do in Denmark

By | December 14, 2022

Denmark is only a few hundred kilometers from the Netherlands. This Scandinavian country can therefore call itself fairly popular as a holiday destination among the Dutch. Denmark owes this mainly to the space, tranquility and security that the country radiates. Anyone who visits Denmark will notice that there seem to be similarities with the Netherlands in many areas, but that it is often slightly different. For example, large parts of Denmark resemble the Dutch landscape, but with more slope and less disturbing elements such as buildings, fences and advertising billboards. This makes the country look more natural, which is appreciated by almost every tourist. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Denmark.

Denmark ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Copenhagen
Capital Copenhagen is heavily visited by tourists. The best way to discover Copenhagen is by bike. The many bicycle paths make the city very bicycle-friendly. You can rent bicycles or use the many free bicycles in the city for a small deposit. A trip to Copenhagen includes a visit to the amusement park Tivoli, visiting the beautiful Frederiksborg Slot and eating/drinking on the beautiful quay of the Nyhavn. Be sure to try to eat fresh fish here.

#2. Møns Klint
On the island of Møn, the eastern side ends with a number of impressive cliffs, which are called Møns Klint. The chalk cliffs seem to rise threateningly from the Baltic Sea. The highest point is at a whopping 143 meters above sea level. The view from the Dronningestolen rock is beautiful. From a height of 128 meters you can see Sweden in clear weather.

#3. Castle Egeskov
Denmark has a large number of castles that can be visited. One castle even more impressive than the next. The most visited castle in the country is Egeskov Castle, a nearly five hundred year old structure walled by nearly three hundred hedges. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Denmark.

#4. Legoland
The very popular Legoland is an amusement park that is entirely based on the popular Lego bricks. The theme park is located at Billund. Legoland is loved by young and old, making it a more than great family outing. Miniland is fun, a kind of Madurodam but made entirely of LEGO blocks. Of course you can also create your own creations with the popular blocks in the park.TIP: do you want to spend the night near Legoland? The website gives you the best tips about where you can stay well and affordably at Legoland.

#5. Viking Ship Museum
In the Middle Ages Roskilde was the most important city in Denmark. This is mainly due to its prominent position as a trading city for the Vikings. You can now view a collection of restored Viking ships in the Viking Ship Museum.

#6. Den Gamble By
This open-air museum is located in Århus where you can imagine yourself going back in time when you visit the 75 historic houses that have been transferred from all over Denmark to this museum.

#7. Wadden Islands
The Wadden Islands run from the Netherlands via Germany all the way to Denmark. The islands of Rømø, Fanø and Mandø are the three inhabited Wadden Islands of Denmark. If you want to visit Mandø you have to cross a dike that is flooded twice a day due to high tide. It is nice to make the trip to the small Wadden island by Mandøbus. Fanø, which can only be reached by ferry, is the most popular Wadden island. People come here mainly for the seventeen kilometers long and half a kilometer wide sandy beach.

#8. Ribe
The oldest city in all of Scandinavia is Ribe, which is now over 2700 years old. Here you can walk through the historic city center, visit the Viking Museum or visit the Viking Center, located two kilometers from Ribe. In this open-air museum you can see how Vikings used to live, play and work.

#9. Hans Christian Andersen
The famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense on the island of Funen. Here you can visit his birthplace and the HC Andersen Museum. In Copenhagen you can see the Little Mermaid, a statue on a rock in the harbor of Copenhagen.

#10. Greenland
In terms of area, the island of Greenland is a lot bigger than mainland Denmark. Sled dogs, Eskimos, fishing and glaciers make this Danish colony a must-see in this top 10.

Things to Do in Denmark