Things to Do in Egypt

By | December 17, 2022

Egypt is the land of pharaohs, pyramids, desert, the Nile and fantastic diving sites. Despite the fact that a trip to beautiful Egypt is not completely risk-free, millions of tourists annually find this country in the extreme northeast of Africa. Sun and diving enthusiasts mainly come to the coastal towns. In particular, the seaside resorts along the Red Sea such as Hurghada, El Gouna, Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa’Alam enjoy great popularity among international visitors. Egypt ‘s biggest draws are the many archaeological treasures. The many remains that you will find at archaeological sites and in the museums form a collection of sights that attract many tourists to Egypt. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Egypt.

Egypt has had some turbulent years, but tourism is starting to pick up again. Fortunately, because the country is a beautiful holiday destination full of historical treasures, beautiful beaches and beautiful diving locations. Make sure you are well prepared for your trip. That starts with applying for an Egypt e-visa from an intermediary and arranging vaccinations if necessary. Your vaccinations are your own responsibility and not an obligation. However, you cannot travel to Egypt without a visa for Egypt. Also check in advance which excursions you want to make and possibly book them in advance from the Netherlands.

Egypt ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Pyramids
The Egyptian pyramids are the most famous pyramids in the world. These funerary monuments are still impressive today because of their shape and size. Although there are various theories about how the structures could have been built in ancient times, this mystery of the pyramids is still unsolved. The most famous pyramid is that of Cheops in Giza, near Cairo. This 146-meter-high pyramid is the only surviving wonder of the Seven Classical Wonders of the World. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Egypt.

#2. Valley of the Kings
Near Luxor is the Valley of the Kings. This ‘Valley of the Kings’ is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Egypt. The more than sixty royal tombs are therefore among the most visited sights in Egypt. The very first tomb discovered is the tomb of Ramesses VIII. The 62nd and last tomb discovered is that of Tutankhamun. This tomb was only discovered in 1922, most of the finds have been moved to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo such as the beautiful golden death mask.

#3. The Nile
Egypt can hardly do without the river Nile. Thanks to the water of this thousands of kilometers long river, living in the desert is as excellent as possible. The annual flooding that used to take place has ensured that the banks of the Nile consist of fertile land. The floods have not occurred since the construction of the Aswan Dam. The Nile is especially popular among tourists because of the Nile cruises that you can take. You will then sail over part of the Nile and visit the interesting places along the Nile such as Luxor and Aswan.

#4. Red Sea
To the east, Egypt borders the Red Sea, an inland sea rich in coral and tropical fish. It is not for nothing that the Red Sea is in every top list of most beautiful diving locations. Along the Red Sea you will find a number of popular seaside resorts such as Hurghada, El Gouna and Sharm El Sheikh. In these places there is a wide range of diving schools that can let you get your PADI diving certificate on site.

#5. Memphis and Saqqara
For thousands of years, the city of Memphis, formerly called Men-nefer-Peri, has been the main city of the area we know today as Egypt. Little is left of the city that used to be one of the largest cities of antiquity. Some of the sights you will see here are the upper body of a colossus of Ramses II and an 80-ton alabaster sphinx. The associated necropolis (city of death) Saqqara (also written as Sakkara) is possibly even more worthwhile. In Saqqara is, among other things, the step pyramid of Djoser, the very first pyramid in history as far as known.

#6. Temples of Karnak
The Temples of Karnak are located in the village of Karnak, which lies north of Luxor and falls within the Luxor metropolitan area. In fact, there are two temple complexes: the temple complex of Amun-re and the temple complex of Mut (Mut). The collection of temple buildings, sphinxes and excavated walls is the second most visited tourist attraction in all of Egypt after the pyramids of Giza. The whole thing is so big that you probably need half a day to try and see as much as possible.

#7. Mount of Moses
The Mount Sinai is also called Mount of Moses because on this 2285 meter high mountain God is said to have given the Ten Commandments to Moses. The mountain therefore has an important religious significance for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. At the foot of the Moses Mountain is the Catherine Monastery, one of the most famous and oldest monasteries in the world. Inside the monastery grows a bush that is said to be related to the burning bush, in which God appeared to Moses according to tradition.

#8. Abu Simbel Temple Complex
About a four-hour drive from Aswan is Abu Simbel, an archaeological complex that consists of two large Egyptian temples: the large temple of Ramses II and the small temple of his wife Nefertari. Since the largest group of tourists visits Abu Simbel in the morning and departs again around noon, the best time to watch and photograph quietly is after 2 pm. In the summer months it is very hot in Abu Simbel, something to take into account.

#9. Oasis Siwa
In the west of Egypt, a few tens of kilometers from the border with Libya, lies what many consider to be the most beautiful oasis in the country: the Siwa Oasis. This oasis with thousands of olive trees and date palms is also called the “Island of the Blessed”. Within the oasis are more than two hundred springs, of which the Source of the Sun is famous because, according to legend, the famous Queen Cleopatra is said to have bathed in it.

#10. Museums
Egypt has some very interesting museums, most of which have a direct relationship with ancient Upper Egypt and the archaeological finds that have been made in the country. The largest collection of archaeological finds can be found in the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo.

Things to Do in Egypt