Things to Do in French Polynesia

By | December 21, 2022

French Polynesia is located in the Pacific Ocean and consists of several islands. Although French is predominantly spoken, you will also find many Tahitian influences. French Polynesia has several archipelagos, including the well-known Windward and Leeward Islands. These islands are very popular for honeymoons and holidays with snow-white beaches and azure blue water. French Polynesia has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history. It therefore has a rich history. But, here you can also enjoy impressive sights such as Le Palais de la Mer and Mount Otemanu. In addition, French Polynesia is also known for its sought-after surf locations. Teahupoo is a good example of this. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to French Polynesia.

Top 10 Things to Do in French Polynesia

#1. Sleeping above the water
When you stay in French Polynesia, you can hardly avoid a place to sleep above the water. Provided you can afford it, because these types of accommodations are considerably more expensive than normal hotel rooms in French Polynesia. Sleeping above water was even invented here 50 years ago. French Polynesia now has almost 900 bungalows on stilts. A special experience where you have the opportunity to slide into the water from your terrace. However, many bungalows are also equipped with a glass floor so that you can admire the underwater life up close. You can sleep above the water on no fewer than 7 islands of French Polynesia.

#2. Underwater world
The atolls of French Polynesia are an excellent destination for divers and snorkelers. In the bright blue lagoons you can even see the sea creatures without putting your head under the water. The sea is so clear here. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot sharks or manta rays among the tropical fish. It is a fact that you will see a wide variety of fish. Check specific dive sites for the best dive spots in French Polynesia. They seem to be mainly around the Tuamotu Islands.

#3. Belvedere Lookout
The Belvedere Lookout is located on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia. From the lookout point, you will be treated to a panoramic view. You can view Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay from this point. You can also view Mount Rotui from Belvedere Lookout. You can walk up from the bottom, but this is a fairly steep climb. Belvedere Lookout can also be reached by car via a narrow steep road. At the lookout you can also take beautiful walks by using the landscaped routes.

#4. Taputapuatea Marae
This temple can be found on the island of Raiatea. Taputapuatea Marae is an open-air temple and has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site. This special place is located right by the sea and consists of an open space with a striking large stone in the middle. The Maoris and also the locals use the holy place for cultural ceremonies. Taputapuatea Marae is a tribute to the God Oro, who stands for fertility and war. This open-air temple is seen by the Maori civilization as the place where life and death intersect. Both the holy temple and the island of Raiatea are definitely worth a visit.

#5. Toatea lookout
From the Toatea Lookout in Moorea you can enjoy a good view over the entire island, but you can also see Tahiti in the distance. The lookout is near Tamea beach. So you can admire the water bungalows of the Sofitel directly from above. From the vantage point you have an almost unreal view of the lagoon.

#6. Tiki Village
Tiki Village is a cultural center in Moorea. Here you can see how the inhabitants of the island lived before the modern culture as we know it today. Tiki Village is a Polynesian village recreated to perfection. In the village you can enjoy a traditional meal in an atmospheric environment. You can also attend a spectacular show in which dance and music predominate. Tiki Village is close to Moorea Beach. This attraction in French Polynesia can therefore easily be combined with a day of water sports such as snorkelling or diving.

#7. Notre Dame in Papeete
Notre Dame is an imposing cathedral located in the center of Papeete. The cultural-historical building was built in 1875. The cathedral has a striking red-yellow color and is the oldest Catholic church in French Polynesia. The church features numerous stained glass windows showing images of the landscape, as well as local landmarks. You can also visit the inside of Notre Dame in Papeete. Here you can admire various statues and mosaic images. The large altar at the back of the church is also impressive. Partly because it is often buried under a huge sea of ​​flowers. You can also attend a service that is often performed sung.

#8. Huahine Pearl Farm
French Polynesia is known for its black pearls. Huahine Pearl Farm is located on a small piece of land in the middle of the sea. During the visit to the farm you can see how these special black pearls are manufactured. For this, black-colored oysters are used that are provided with an artificial marble. Then the oysters go back into the sea to be retrieved later for harvesting the pearls. You can also buy pearls in various price ranges on the farm. A visit to the Huahine Pearl Farm is an experience in itself. All the more so because the farm was built in the middle of a lagoon. Of course you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the crystal clear water here.

#9. Mount Otemanu
Mount Otemanu is located on the island of Bora Bora in French Polynesia. It is an imposing volcano with a height of more than 700 meters. This makes the Otemanu the highest point of the French Polynesian island. You can see the vegetated volcano from any point on the island. The Mount Otemanu lends itself well to an afternoon of hiking or mountain climbing. But, you can also take beautiful walks amidst the tropical greenery around the old volcano. Around the Mount Otemanu you will find numerous small islands that are uninhabited. These little paradises are also well worth a visit.

#10. Arahurahu Marae
Arahurahu Marae is an ancient Polynesian temple in Paea. The temple is located in a beautiful natural environment with rocks and ruins that you can also visit. You can also view the tiki statues of the Arahurahu Marae temple here. The temple has been reconstructed as best as possible and gives a good insight into the culture of French Polynesia. This Marae is well hidden between a landscape of forests and rocks. This makes the Arahurahu Marae temple in Paea also a nice attraction for an exciting walk in the beautiful nature.

Things to Do in French Polynesia