Things to Do in Georgia

By | December 23, 2022

Georgia is located in the Caucasus. The country is surrounded by the Black Sea, Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The country is full of mountains, interspersed with volcanic plateaus, lakes and hot springs. Nature lovers can enjoy forests, swamps and even temperate rainforest. Those who like to ski or walk in the snow will find something to their liking on the glaciers and the mountain peaks with eternal snow. The subtropical and continental climates create very different weather conditions depending on where you are in Georgia and the time of year, ranging from heavy rainfall and snow showers to warm, humid weather. The country has a rich history, which makes it a pleasure for historians to spend time among the ruins. And are you a real Burgundian? Even then we have good news: Georgia has a very extensive food and wine culture. Kakheti, that is the wine region, where you can visit the many wineries for tours, tastings and even overnight stays. And tourists are welcome in the country! In Georgia, guests are seen as sent by God, and that is how they will treat you. Georgians are friendly, hospitable and very proud of their country. The inhabitants will therefore be happy to give you tips and act as guides in their cities. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Georgia.

Georgia ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Tbilis
Many of Georgia’s main attractions can be found in Tbilisi. This is the capital of Georgia, and also the largest city in the country with about 1.5 million inhabitants. Since its foundation in the 5th century BC. Tbilisi has served as the capital for the Georgian empires. You will therefore be surprised by different cultural influences and a rich history in Tbilisi, thanks in part to its position between Europe and Asia and proximity to the Silk Road. You will find medieval, neo-classical, Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau, Stalinist and modern influences. To further discover the rich history of Tbilisi and Georgia in general, you must visit the “Museum of Georgia”. In the old center of the city it is wonderful to stroll and dine. Around it you will find newer buildings, furnished according to a typical Soviet infrastructure with wide streets, stately buildings and beautiful squares. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Georgia.

#2. Mtskheta
Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in Georgia. Today only a little over 7000 Georgians live here, but it used to be a very important city. It is in Mtskheta that the Georgian Orthodox Church was founded when Georgia converted to Christianity. That Church proclaimed Mtskheta the “Holy City” in 2014. Until the 19th century, Mtskheta served as the place where most Georgian kings were crowned and buried. You can’t miss the 11th century Svetitshoveli Cathedral and the 6th century Jvari Monastery. These two monuments are also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

#3. Kakheti
The Kakheti Province is located in eastern Georgia. The capital Telavi is also one of the most visited cities in the region. Kakheti is a green, wide valley, located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains covered with eternal snow. This is where most of the country’s wine is produced. You will therefore find numerous wineries and in the towns you will find vines everywhere, which often produce wine for their own use. In addition, the main attraction is the Georgian David Gareja cave complex. These caves house more than twenty monasteries full of beautiful, ancient frescoes.

#4. Tsminda Sameba
In the capital Tbilisi is the Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, built in 2004. This beautiful cathedral is the largest church in Georgia and measures 101m. The golden dome and its location on St. Ilya Hill means that the cathedral can be seen from far and wide. Besides the cathedral itself, you will also find a monastery, theology school, hotel and no less than 9 chapels, 5 of which are underground. The construction of the Tsminda Sameba started in 1995 and officially ended in 2004. That year of construction is no coincidence either, in 2004 the Georgian Orthodox Church existed for 1500 years and Christianity for 2000 years.

#5. Kutaisi
The best way to describe Kutaisi is as a cozy, authentic town. Kutaisi dates back to the 17th century BC. The cobbled streets lead you to the market where you can find local and fresh produce, sold by plucky old ladies while the gentlemen play backgammon. The center is located in a valley and is surrounded by hills and mountain peaks. On one of those hills above the city is another UNESCO World Heritage monument: the Bagrati Cathedral, built in the 11th century. You will also find the Mtsvane Kvavila Monastery with 3 beautiful churches, which overlooks a second UNESCO monument, the Gelati Monastery. That monastery is also located on top of one of the mountains around Kutaisi with an impressive, ancient gateway. The fantastic views and beautiful frescoes in the various churches on the walled estate make this a popular destination for tourists and pilgrims.

#6. Georgian Military Highway
The Georgian Military Highway is a trade route that has existed since the 1st century BC. The Russians took care of this route at the end of the 15th century. After a few widenings, surfacing and improvements, this became the route to cross the Caucasus by horse and cart. In the rugged Georgian landscape, this paved highway meanders through the mountains of Tbilisi to Russia’s Vladikavkaz. In the past, the road was indeed used to transport military personnel and equipment, but today it is the lifeblood of the country and one of the most important trade routes. The Highway is often described as one of the most beautiful driving routes in the world – 212 km with beautiful views as far as the eye can see.

#7. Rustavi
Another city in the list: Rustavi. This city in southeastern Georgia is both an old and a new city. The exact origin of the original city is unknown, but the city is mentioned by historians in the 11th century as one of the castles that stood against the army of Alexander the Great. Several invasions and wars later, Rustavi was destroyed in the early 15th century. The city was rebuilt by the Russians in the mid-20th century under Stalin’s industrialization. Factories were built and the city revived as a residence for the many workers. But after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Rustavi also collapsed like a house of cards. The factories closed

#8. Gori
In the east of Georgia we find Gori, formerly an important military city, now mainly known as the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. You will find the Stalin museum that documents his life and replicas of his birthplace and the train he used to travel through the Soviet Union. But this city has also played an important role in Georgian history. You will find the Gori Fort on a hill, the 18th century St. George church and let’s not forget the rock town of Uplistsikhe. This town was carved out of the rock and is located just outside Gori.

#9. Vashlovani National Park
And while you are in eastern Georgia, the Vashlovani National Park is also a must-see! This national park was established in 1935 (and expanded in 2003) to protect Georgia’s unique forests. In addition to forests, you will also find desert areas, flood plains and mountain cliffs. This unique conservation area contains wild pistachio trees, peonies and various types of orchids. The animal population is also worth a visit: the endangered Persian panther, 25 species of reptiles, more than 100 native bird species and mammals such as the wolf, lynx, jackal, hyena and brown bear.

#10. Batumi
If you go more towards the Black Sea, it is best to take the time to visit the city of Batumi, near the Turkish border. This is the second largest city in Georgia, known to tourists and gamblers, as well as for its important seaport. The historic 19th century city center has been beautifully renovated and contrasts nicely with the modern high-rise buildings in the newer parts of the city. There are many attractions such as the Adjara State Museum, the Batumi Botanical Gardens and the former resort area on the Black Sea coast. You can also visit the circus or the beautiful aquarium with children.

Things to Do in Georgia