Things to Do in Germany

By | December 24, 2022

More and more tourists are finding their way to our eastern neighbours. The country has a great diversity of festivities, nice cities, a fascinating landscape and ancient culture to offer. Cities such as Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf make many a fashion-loving heart beat faster. But the cafes and clubs in Germany are also often good for new trends and music trends. And then there is the artistic side of Germany. Many galleries, museums and even street art guarantee fascinating and inspiring subjects. This is also reflected in contemporary architecture. Dresden train station is an excellent example of the varied architecture you can experience in Germany. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Germany.

The number of ways to discover Germany is enormous. Many people opt for a car holiday to Germany, the train is becoming increasingly popular for a city trip to Germany and the number of cycling holidays to Germany has been increasing recently. Thanks to rivers such as the Rhine and the Moselle, you can visit various German places in a relaxed manner during a river cruise.

Germany ‘s Top 10 Attractions

#1. Berlin Wall
The city of Berlin has a bear as its symbol, but is known worldwide for the Berlin Wall. The wall divided the communist east with the capitalist west of Berlin from 1961 to 1989. Families were torn apart and there was a lot of grief. Yet there were some go-getters who sometimes crossed the border in very creative ways or at least tried. This and more information about this turbulent period in Germany can be found at the most famous border post ‘Checkpoint Charlie’. Despite the wall being demolished in 1989, there are still some places in the city with remaining parts. The most famous places are at East Side Gallery. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Germany.

#2. Christmas markets
Germany is a very popular destination, especially for visiting Christmas markets. Anyone who thinks that you have to be in London for the ultimate Christmas feeling is really wrong. The Germans know better than anyone how to get through this winter period in a Christmas mood. Full buses depart from the Netherlands and Belgium to cities such as Hamburg, Cologne, Oberhausen, Trier, Düsseldorf, Münster, Leipzig and Munich. The trend these days is not to just go shopping for a day (Christmas) but to make it a fun weekend. And why not. The German cities provide a fairytale atmosphere in which Christmas, winter and of course all associated fairytale characters are central. Sufficient places have of course been reserved between the various stalls to make it as pleasant as possible for the inner person. Delicious mulled wine, snaps, bratwurst sandwiches and other delicacies complete the party. In Oberhausen it is even possible to go tobogganing and tobogganing.

#3. Neuschwanstein Castle
The most beautiful castle in Germany is located in the Bavarian town of Hohenschwangau. The pointed turrets immediately make you believe that it is a fairytale castle. And that is not surprising once you know that the Disney castle is based on this. Neuschwanstein Castle was built around the year 1870 by order of Louis II of Bavaria. At that time it was called Neue Burg Hohenschwangau. After his death, the name was changed to the current name. Several areas, including the bedrooms, the throne room and the living and working room, are still furnished as Lodewijk had envisioned.

#4. Cologne Cathedral
Partly due to the relics of the Three Kings, Cologne Cathedral has become a real place of pilgrimage. This largest cathedral in Germany has always held a very important position within the Christian faith. Today, the cathedral is not only visited for this reason. It is also definitely worth a visit for its special Gothic appearance. After more than six centuries of construction, the appearance can certainly be called impressive.More info about Cologne Cathedral

#5. Dresden
As a city trip, the city of Dresden is doing very well. Many visitors especially appreciate the art and culture that this German city has to offer. The once communist city has made good use of its freedom. The city has certainly become more modern, but without losing the old historical details. Among the captivating sights of Dresden at the top are the Frauenkirche, the Residenzschloss, the Dresden Hauptbahnhof, the Zwinger Palace and the art museum Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister.

#6. Oktoberfest
The now world famous ‘Oktoberfest’ has been celebrated in the German city of Munich since the year 1810. The party starts at the end of September and usually lasts about sixteen days, during which the beer flows freely. In a large marquee on the Theresienwiese site, the first beer keg is opened by the Oberbürgermeister amid great interest. After this, the party gets underway in full regalia. The beer that is tapped is beer brewed exclusively in Munich. The traditional costume during these famous festivities consists mainly of lederhosen for the men and the dirndl for the ladies. Although the official Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich, there are many other places of this kind as well.

#7. Europa-Park
Germany has a number of amusement parks that reach its visitors far beyond the border. Think of Movie Park Germany, Wunderland Kalkar, Legoland Discovery Duisburg and Fantasialand. But the largest park is the slightly less well-known Europa-Park. In terms of size, it can certainly compete with parks such as Disneyland Paris. On more than 950,000 m² you can find attractions such as wild water rides, roller coasters, carousels, bobsleigh tracks and of course many shows, restaurants and animation characters. Europa-Park is divided into about fifteen themed areas, which have been meticulously cared for down to the last detail. In addition, the park has paid attention to various country themes. The Europa-Park has appointed the Dutch designer Michel den Dulk for the design of the various themes and their decoration. This had already proven itself with various designs for the Efteling amusement park. Our country is represented in Europa-Park with attractions such as ‘der Fliegende Holländer’ and with ‘Pirates in Batavia’ from the VOC period. The amusement park and resorts are excellent for families with children of different ages.

#8. Half-timbered houses
Half-timbering is a construction method used in the Middle Ages in the central part of Europe. This technique has been widely used for centuries, especially in what we now know as Germany. Timber framing is a way in which timber frame construction is applied. The load-bearing wooden beam structure is visible on the outside. The spaces in between are filled in. A combination of straw and loam is often used for this. In later years brick was also used regularly. Scattered throughout Germany you can see plenty of half-timbered houses that are still in excellent condition. There is even an autoroute, the Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse, that takes you through seven federal states along places where you can see these distinctive buildings with your own eyes. Monschau. This beautiful village is not located on the Fachwerkstrasse.

#9. Zoo Berlin
As a city zoo, the Zoo Berlin is doing very well. Since its opening in 1844, this zoo has been the oldest and most visited zoo in Germany. The little polar bear Knut has certainly made it even more famous. In the zoo you can admire a variety of animals including Asian elephants, giraffes, giant pandas, wolves and of course monkeys. Much attention has been paid to the natural habitats of the animals. This matches the needs and appearance as much as possible. The animals are fed at different times and a few things are explained about the animal. For more information check the link below.

#10. car city
As a producer of car brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi, Germany is simply doing extremely well. Some of these brands are therefore almost always in the top three of most sold brand cars. Volkswagen has nothing to complain about in terms of popularity. In fact. The Volkswagen car brand has opened its own museum in Wolfsburg. Autostadt was created to show people how the process of building cars comes about. The Expo 2000 in Hanover has provided a push in the right direction for this. In addition to Volkswagen, several other brands are examined in Autostadt. These include Seat, Audi. Lamborghini, Bentley, Skoda and Porsche.

Things to Do in Germany