Things to Do in Gibraltar

By | December 25, 2022

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory in the extreme south of the Iberian Peninsula. After the Peace of Vienna it was decided that the Gibraltar peninsula would belong to the United Kingdom “forever and ever”. Over the centuries there have been protests against this decision, but the people of Gibraltar do not want to change the situation. Despite the fact that Gibraltar is only a small peninsula, there are quite a few places of interest to be found. The most beautiful and most important on the Rock of Gibraltar, but also in other parts of Gibraltar there is plenty to see. One of the most special features of Gibraltar is its airport. The peninsula is actually so small that there is no room for an airport, in order to still be able to use a runway, the through road is closed when an aircraft arrives. After landing, the barriers will open again and you can continue driving as if nothing happened. A special detail is that there are more tunnels in the Rock of Gibraltar than there are tarmac roads in Gibraltar.┬áCheck topmbadirectory for how to get to Gibraltar.

Top 10 things to do in Gibraltar

#1. Barbary macaques
When you think of Gibraltar, Barbary macaques are usually the first thing that comes to mind. It is the only group of wild monkeys in Europe. During a visit to the Rock of Gibraltar you will certainly encounter the anything but shy monkeys. The cheeky monkeys try to sell food and drink to tourists. If they see food and don’t get it, they try to take it away. Partly because of this, there are warning signs everywhere and it is explained how to deal with the monkeys. According to an ancient legend, the United Kingdom’s claim to Gibraltar would lapse if the monkeys disappeared from the rock. Every effort is therefore made to maintain the population.

#2. Trafalgar Cemetery
The Battle of Trafalgar is one of the most important in British history. This naval battle led by Horatio Nelson took place about seventy miles from Gibraltar. The British Admiral was killed. The cemetery in Gibraltar is named after the battle. Yet there are only two graves of people who lost their lives in this battle. The rest are sailors who lost their lives in other naval battles or who died from one of the many diseases that circulated at the time. Today the Trafalgar cemetery is a green part of Gibraltar where you can take a short walk.

#3. Moorish Castle
The Moorish Castle of Gibraltar was built in the early eighth century by the Moors. They ruled the peninsula now known as Gibraltar for centuries. After the Moors were finally expelled in the fifteenth century, the castle also fell into Spanish hands. They had the castle renovated to meet modern standards. Over the centuries, the castle has had multiple functions, until 2010 it served as the prison of Gibraltar. Today it is an important tourist attraction. From the tower of the castle you have a good view of the city of Gibraltar and the Bay of Gibraltar.

#4. Gorham
Cave Complex The Gorham Cave Complex consists of four caves, all of which can be found in the Rock of Gibraltar. These four natural caves were already inhabited by Neanderthals. Rock carvings and other forms of habitation have been found during expeditions. Partly because of this, the caves can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Standout land is that only these four caves are included while there are over a hundred different caves in the Rock.

#5. Skywalk
One of the latest additions to the Rock of Gibraltar is the Skywalk, a large glass platform that soars more than four hundred meters above the Mediterranean Sea. The platform can only be visited if you are in possession of a ticket. Once on the platform you have a phenomenal view over the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. In clear weather you have a good view of Morocco and the Rif Mountains. The Windsor Suspension Bridge was also opened at the same time as the skywalk.

#6. The Convent
The Convent is a former convent that today serves as the home of the Governor of Gibraltar. The former monastery was built in the sixteenth century by Franciscan monks. After the arrival of the British in Gibraltar, the monks left and the monastery was incorporated. After a thorough renovation, the governor moved in. Since the Governor of Gibraltar still lives in the house, it is not open to the public. You can, however, take a look inside through the bars at the front door.

#7. Main Street
Its name already suggests it, but Main Street is really the most important street in Gibraltar. Most of the shops and attractions in the city itself can be found on this street. Just like the Tourism Office and the Convent of Gibraltar. The street starts at Grand Casemates Square, where most of the pubs and restaurants are located. In the summer months, the square is filled with cozy terraces. If you are lucky you will come across a parade during your visit to the street. The best known is the Queen birthday parade, but several parades are held throughout the year.

#8. The Mediterranean Steps
The Mediterranean Steps of Gibraltar are among the main attractions of the Rock of Gibraltar. The stairs started at the Jewish gate at 180 meters and eventually ends at O’Harry’s Battery at 419 meters. Not very far from the top of the rock. The narrow steps lead through the back of the Rock of Gibraltar to the top. The stairs are narrow and have little to no handrails in places. As a result, the stairs are certainly not suitable for people with a fear of heights. As you climb the steps you will come across some of the most beautiful and oldest caves in Gibraltar.

#9. Europa Point
Europa point is the southernmost part of Gibraltar. From this place you have an unobstructed view of the Strait of Gibraltar and Morocco. At Europa Point is the lighthouse of Gibraltar, which is the most southern building of this British overseas territory. Other special buildings on this piece of land are the Our Lady of Europe and the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim mosque. The two buildings have stood side by side for centuries. Before the arrival of the lighthouse, the tower of the Our Lady of Europe was used as a lighthouse. Many of the tours and city walks in Gibraltar begin or end at this point.

#10. Rock of Gibraltar
The Rock of Gibraltar is the literal and figurative highlight of a visit to Gibraltar. Most of the sights in the British Overseas Territory can be found on this rock. There are several natural caves, you have the best view from the Skywalk or the suspension bridge and it is the place where the famous Barbary macaques live. From the lower town you can easily take the cable car to the top of the rock. Of course you can also walk this, but it is a tough walk. Especially in the summer months. From the top of the rock of Gibraltar you can see Morocco on a clear day and behind it the Rif Mountains. The highest point of the Rock of Gibraltar rises 426 meters.

Things to Do in Gibraltar