Things to Do in Indonesia

By | November 18, 2022

The Republic of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, where it borders countries such as Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and East Timor. The history of the country goes way back in time and the trade and trade routes have also strongly influenced Indonesia. Since independence in 1949, Indonesia has gradually established itself as a tourist destination. During the month of December, for example, the average temperature in Indonesia is 29 degrees. A wonderfully pleasant winter destination. Most tourists who visit Indonesia would like to combine sun, sea and sand with culture. Popular islands such as Bali, Lombok and Java meet this requirement perfectly. But a tour of this beautiful country is perhaps the ultimate opportunity to admire much of its splendor. Did you know, for example, that you can enjoy fantastic diving, climbing, hiking and surfing in various places in Indonesia? Add to this some palaces, temples and a festival such as Galungan-Kuningan and all the ingredients for a varied and successful holiday are present. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Indonesia.

Indonesia ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Bali
The Indonesian island of Bali is very popular with holidaymakers. Most visitors are attracted to the wonderful sunny climate, beautiful beaches, the lively culture and not to forget the nature. When you leave the big cities such as Denpasar, Kuta, Ubud and Seminyak you will soon be entranced by the colorful flora and fauna and impressive rice fields of Bali. For example, in the Bali Barat National Park and the Batukaru Nature Reserve you can enjoy beautiful orchids, ferns, tropical rainforests, deer, monkeys, reptiles, wild boars, various bird species and of course temples. Because temples can be found almost everywhere in Bali. The largest temple in Bali is the Pura Besakih. This temple is located on the slopes of the Gunung Agung volcano. In addition, Bali is ideally suited as a diving destination. Dive sites like Tulamben and Menjangan will certainly not disappoint. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Indonesia.

#2. Borobudur
Northwest of the centrally located city of Jogjakarta is the Buddhist temple complex Borobudur. Around the ninth century, during the Shailendra Dynasty, a stupa consisting of three levels was built here in the Kedu valley. In Buddhist teachings, these three levels are known as the Buddhist cosmos. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Borobudur was rediscovered. For centuries, the temple complex has been buried by a thick layer of lava that came from the nearby volcano Merapi. Thanks to the efforts of British Governor General Thomas Stamford Raffles, we can now enjoy this valuable piece of culture from Indonesian history.

#3. Malang
The eastern university town of Malang on the island of Java is a well-known tourist destination. Malang is also known as the city of flowers. Many of the visitors come to Malang to enjoy traditional dance performances, the wonderfully mild climate, the pleasant city parks and the art and culture that the city has to offer. For example, you can visit the Singosari Temples or the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This city on the Brantas River is also a great destination for extensive shopping. Malang has multiple shopping centers and extensive outlets. Culture sniffs will feast on museums such as Mpu Purwa.

#4. Lore Lindi National Park
On the island of Sulawesi you can visit Lore Lindi National Park. This park is particularly interesting due to the beautiful nature, the challenging hiking routes and the influence of the indigenous tribes who still live there. High mountains such as the Gunung Nokilalaki alternate with the greatest of ease with monsoon forests, valleys, Lake Lindu and rainforests. But in the Lore Lindi Park you can also find hot springs, admire beautiful but sometimes strange sculptures up close, take a horseback ride or spend a night with the locals. In any case, there is no shortage of adventure here.

#5. Bromo
The eastern Bromo volcano is the most famous volcano of the Indonesian island of Java. The volcano is located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. To reach the crater of the Bromo volcano, you have to make a steep climb of about an hour. Once at the top you will be treated to a wonderful view over the volcanic landscape. During the fourteenth day of the Hindu festival ‘Yadnya Kasada’, the locals take a walk to the crater to make sacrifices. Any warning is appropriate. The Bromo volcano is a still active volcano that erupts regularly.

#6. Prambanan Temple
The largest Hindu-Javanese temple complex in Indonesia is located near Yogyakarta. This Prambanan Temple from the eighth century is a favorite part of tourists who visit the island of Java. Prambanan Temple is dedicated to the three main Hindu gods, namely Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma and the animals who served them. Originally the Prambanan Temple area consists of about two-hundred-forty temples. A small part of this has been restored. Because these temples have also been under a thick layer of lava for centuries.

#7. Bunaken National Park Bunaken National
Maritime Park is located on the atmospheric island of Sulawesi. Bunaken National Park is ideally suited for diving and/or snorkeling. The coral reef is frequently visited by a diverse collection of fish species. And also various reptiles, birds, deer and marsupials call this national park their home. Bunaken National Park was established in 1991 and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005.

On the way there or back, it is recommended to immediately visit the nearby city of Manado. For example, you can enjoy delicious food in the vicinity of Wakeke Street.

#8. Jakarta
The metropolis of Jakarta on the island of Java has been the capital of Indonesia since independence in 1949. The city previously bore names such as Sunda Kelapa and Batavia, but has been officially known worldwide as Jakarta since 1972. When you enter the northern city of Jakarta, the crowds will initially be overwhelming. The traffic rushes past you past all possible places and feels very chaotic. As the capital, it is also a very lively city. Each neighborhood has its own character and places of interest. The oldest part of the city ‘Jakarta Old Town’ is known as the former headquarters of the Dutch East Indies. In some places the Dutch architecture is still clearly visible. The most fun or interesting sights of Jakarta city include the historical Elephant Museum, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah theme park, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol theme park, and ‘Sunda Kelapa’ old harbor. You can also enjoy fantastic shopping in Jakarta. The twelve hectare Ciputra World Jakarta and Grand Indonesia are excellent examples of this.

#9. Sumatra
The island of Sumatra, with its capital Medan, is known early in history as the island of gold. Nowadays there is little to notice about this. Today Sumatra is known as a volcanic island and supplier of palm and petroleum. Because many trees have been cut, the rainforest of Sumatra has unfortunately decreased by more than fifty percent. This also includes the habitat of the Sumantran orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinoceroses. Fortunately, you can still find these animals in the Gunung Leuser National Park. The old traditional Sumatran houses can still be seen in some places. The places Nias, Rumah Gadang and Bangkinang are therefore definitely worth a visit.

#10. Lombok
In the Indian Ocean, east of Bali, lies the island of Lombok. Many goods are grown on the island, such as coffee, tobacco, rice and cinnamon. Nature is ideal for adventurous trips or super relaxing sun, sea and beach days. You will find the best of both. Lombok is in any case a lot less touristy than the popular island of Bali. The Gunung Rinjani Volcanic National Park and the Sembulan Valley are popular areas to enjoy all the natural beauty. According to most visitors, the most beautiful beach in Lombok is Mawun, which is located about eight kilometers west of the town of Kuta.

Things to Do in Indonesia