Things to Do in Namibia

By | November 18, 2022

The country of Namibia is known for its beautiful untouched nature. In addition to many desert plains, the landscape is also characterized by the many rock formations and the flora and fauna that live around the Fish River Canyon. Wild animals such as elephants, lions and antelopes are often encountered in their natural habitat. African Namibia also has a beautiful coast with long sandy beaches. You can admire seals and dolphins in freedom here. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Namibia.

The country offers many interesting sights. Because Namibia has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, you will still experience plenty of peace and authenticity here. With Windhoek as the capital, places like Walvis Bay and the Caprivi Strip, there is more than enough to discover here. Namibia is the holiday destination for an adventurous journey in the midst of a lot of natural beauty. To get the most out of your holiday, we have listed the 10 most beautiful sights in Namibia for you.

Namibia ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park is one of the most famous natural parks in Namibia. It covers an area almost one and a half times the size of the Netherlands. The park is also called “white place”. This is because a large part of the area consists of a so-called salt pan. Etosha is the perfect place to admire wild animals in their natural environment. The park has a large number of special bird species, but also rhinoceroses, giraffes and cheetahs can be seen here. If you want to visit the park, it is best to do so with a 4WD. The paths that run through the park are easily accessible, but mostly unpaved. Check simplyyellowpages for mass media and culture of Namibia.

#2. Sossusvlei
The Sossusvlei in Namibia is unimaginably beautiful. This valley is centrally located in the country and consists of bright red dunes with an almost white bottom due to the high salinity. In combination with the clear blue sky, the appearance of the Sossusvlei is almost unrealistic. The colors are especially spectacular at sunrise. The valley has a number of quite high dunes. A well-known one is the Big Daddy, which is quite impressive with a height of 325 meters. Dune 45 are also more than worth a visit. The Deadvlei is also part of the Sossusvlei. The landscape is mainly characterized by drought. The dead trees in this area provide an unimaginably beautiful picture. To get to Sossusvlei you have to go through Sesriem. Here you will also find a number of accommodation options if you want to spend a few days in Sossusvlei.

#3. Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon is the largest canyon in Africa. After the Grand Canyon, the Fish River is the largest in the world. The gorge has an impressive depth. In some places this is even more than 500 meters. With a width of 27 km and a length of 160 km, the Fish River Canyon is an absolute must-see during your visit to Namibia. This area is very suitable for an adventurous walk. There are therefore numerous hiking trails available. Along the way you will encounter hot springs and enjoy the view from Hiker’s Viewpoint. The river actually only flows through the gorge in May. Outside of this month, Fish River Canyon is the place to enjoy the wild nature of this country.

#4. Cape Cross
Cape Cross in Namibia is of course known for its huge fur seal population. You will find this place about 100 km north of Swakopmund. Cape Cross was discovered in 1484 by Diogo Cao. You can find a statue of this Portuguese in the parking lot that gives access to the Cape Cross Seal Reserve. Here you can admire a huge number of Cape fur seals who live here and raise their young. The colony includes about 80,000 animals. You can admire the animals up close via a path. A visit to Cape Cross therefore guarantees some beautiful photos. If you want to spend one or more days at this place, you can also spend the night in a hotel near the coast.

#5. Walvis Bay
Walvis Bay is located in the western part of Namibia. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, this city owes its name to the large population of whales that used to be present here. Walvis Bay represents the bay itself, but also the associated city. The port is of great importance to Namibia. Partly due to the depth of the bay, large ships can easily moor here. The lagoon that you will find near the bay is highly recommended. Here you can see large populations of flamingos that certainly provide a beautiful play of colors at sunset. You can also see these animals at Bird Rock and Bird Paradise. The town is also pleasant and quiet. You will find many nice shops and local restaurants. You should also not miss a trip to Sandwich Harbor during your visit to Walvis Bay. This saltwater lagoon takes you past various sand dunes where you also have the opportunity to view Dune 7 up close. If you want to climb this dune, you get a spectacular view over the dune fields of Namib.

#6. Caprivi Strip
The Caprivi Strip is a special piece of nature in Namibia. Although the landscape in Namibia is mostly dry and sandy, the Caprivi Strip is a beacon of green. The Caprivi Strip is enclosed between countries such as Zambia, Angola and Botswana. The strip covers a length of no less than 450 kilometers and is divided into two areas. The green Okavango Panhandle and the wet Moremi and Kwando. The Caprivi Strip is home to a number of special sights. One of them is the Popa Falls. These waterfalls can be found at the beginning of the park at the Okavango Delta. The Caprivi Strip also has a number of small parks that are well worth a visit. A safari in one of these parks always guarantees the spotting of special animal species. Mudomo National Park is definitely recommended.

#7. Swakopmund
As the name suggests, you will still find many German influences in this African city. That’s because Swakopmund used to be a German colony. The influences are clearly noticeable in the German street names and the architectural style of the houses. The coastal town of Swakopmund has an impressive lighthouse which is close to the local museum. Here you will learn all about the history of Namibia and the colonial era. The city has an attractive center with stately German-style mansions. You should also not miss a visit to the Woermannhaus during your visit in Swakopmund. This used to serve as a trading house and sleeping place for sailors. Now the Woermannhaus is a National Monument, which is a fair title. Swakopmund pier gives you a beautiful panorama over the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can also enjoy a delicious fish dish at the adjacent restaurant. Another special attraction in Swakopmund is the National Marine Museum. Here you can get a close look at life in the Atlantic Ocean through large aquariums.

#8. wind angle
Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is nowadays mainly known as the bustling heart of the economy. The center therefore offers you a refreshing variety of green parks, small shops, restaurants and large multinationals. If you want to shop, Windhoek is also a great destination. You will find small boutiques here, but also the larger designers. Take a city walk and discover how great the German influence has been in this city. A visit to the Christuskirche or the old fort should certainly not be missed. Windhoek’s historic station is also worth a visit. Here you can see the old steam locomotive up close. The capital of Namibia is also highly recommended for museum enthusiasts. Visit the Transport Museum or the National Museum of Namibia in Windhoek.

#9. Doubt Fountain
The Twyfelfontein is rightfully one of the most beautiful areas of Namibia. This valley can be found in Kunene in the Damaraland. The landscape of this valley is characterized by the red rocks. The Organ Pipes are best known. In Twyfelfontein you can also discover prehistoric petroglyphs. Another must-see attraction in Twyfelfontein Namibia is the Damara Living Museum. Here you go back in time and learn all about the life of the Damara, the people who originally inhabited this area. In addition to a special landscape, you will also encounter elephants in this area. These so-called desert elephants are best spotted during an organized excursion. And would you rather spend a little longer in this impressive environment? Around Twyfelfontein you will find a number of good hotels where you can experience the atmosphere of this beautiful place up close.

#10. Kolmans head
Kolmanskop is also known as a ghost town. This name is therefore really honored. More than 100 years ago, Kolmanskop was the diamond capital of Namibia, but is now completely abandoned. In history, the city was mainly inhabited by German settlers in search of diamonds. At the end of the First World War, the diamonds were not worth much anymore and more and more residents moved to other areas. Kolmanskop is located in the south of Namibia in the middle of the desert. As you stroll through the deserted shopping streets of the city, you see how the sand of the desert increasingly makes the empty houses your own. Kolmanskop can be visited mainly in the morning, unless you have a special permit.

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