Tips for Quick and Easy Cleaning Carpets

Tips for Quick and Easy Cleaning Carpets

Cuddly, fluffy and cozy – a carpet can be found in almost every household, because they make a room look inviting and cozy. We walk over them several times a day so they need to be cleaned properly to keep them looking good. When cleaning you have to pay attention to a few things, in this article we will show you what you have to consider when cleaning.


There are carpets of different colors and patterns. In addition, there are high- pile carpets and short-pile carpets . Even though the shag pile rug is a cozy and cozy rug, it should be cleaned regularly to keep it looking cozy. However, you should always clean your carpets regularly, regardless of the type of carpet. There are various carpets that you can even easily wash in the washing machine. Natural carpets cannot be cleaned in the washing machine and should not be cleaned wet!


Cleaning a carpet is almost always easy and can be done by anyone. Nevertheless, there are some types of carpet that cannot be cleaned yourself and should be handed over to a professional cleaning service! However, you don’t always have to pay for expensive professional cleaning, because with little effort and the right tips, you can quickly and easily clean your carpet yourself. Find out beforehand whether your carpet is suitable for self-cleaning!


So that you can regularly remove coarse dirt from your carpet, you should vacuum your carpet regularly, even daily, depending on use. Vacuuming can prevent major messes, saving you more work over time. Also, you can’t go wrong or break anything with a vacuum cleaner, so it’s the safest way to clean.


In addition to regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you should also wet clean the carpet after a certain period of time in order to remove coarser and deeper dirt from the carpet. Especially dust and other dirt from outside can settle deep in the carpet. You should also wet clean a carpet if a stain is visible. Some easy-care rugs can even be easily washed in the washing machine or in a bathtub. You should keep in mind that a wet carpet is much heavier and weighs more than a dry carpet. When cleaning in the washing machine or in the bath, simple soap can be added to the washing program. Be careful not to use aggressive cleaners that can damage the color of the carpet.

If the carpet is too big and needs to be cleaned on the floor, you can easily do this with a specific wet cleaning device. Before using this, you should make sure that the carpet has been previously cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Then go over the carpet as usual with the wet cleaner and especially treat the areas where stains are visible!

Before you wet clean your carpet, you should always check whether it is suitable for this type of cleaning. There are various special carpets that should under no circumstances be subjected to wet cleaning!


Carpets that cannot be cleaned wet can be cleaned with a special carpet powder. This is distributed on the carpet and then distributed well in the carpet with a scrubber or special brush. The powder must then act for a few minutes and then be thoroughly vacuumed off with a vacuum cleaner. This procedure should be carried out more often depending on the degree of contamination.


Carpet stains can also be treated with various home remedies. Depending on the stain, there are different home remedies that should help you remove the stain. The red wine stain, for example, is considered the greatest enemy of stain removal. However, sparkling water and iodized salt are said to be of great help. The iodized salt can be easily applied to the red spot and then vacuumed off. The sparkling water is also simply applied to the stain and soaked up again with a cloth. Simple vinegar can help against older wine stains. This is applied to the stain like sparkling water and, after it has worked, dabbed off with a cloth.


  • Treat stains immediately and don’t let them dry first – the faster the better!
  • Put sparkling water on fresh stains, this rinses the stain out. Then wipe up the liquid with a kitchen towel.
  • Do not rub or rub the stain! This makes it difficult to remove the stain.
  • Vacuum the carpet regularly and remove coarse dirt.
  • Wet cleaning (if the carpet allows it) should be done regularly to remove dust and dirt to keep the carpet soft and retain its color.

Tips for Quick and Easy Cleaning Carpets