Top 50 countries with the largest defense budgets

By | October 18, 2021

Ranking of the 50 countries with the largest defense budgets

Rank Country Defense spending
1 United States of America (North America) 567,800,000,000
2 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 86,930,000,000
3 Great Britain (Europe) 52,886,700,000
4 Russia (Europe) 52,448,000,000
5 France (Europe) 45,000,000,000
6 Japan (Asia) 44,794,800,000
7 Germany (Europe) 42,283,400,000
8 Italy (Europe) 33,086,400,000
9 Saudi Arabia (Asia) 29,438,000,000
10 Korea, Republic of (Asia) 22,474,000,000
11 India (Asia) 21,797,000,000
12 Australia (Australia-Oceania) 19,190,000,000
13 Turkey (Asia) 17,664,000,000
14 Spain (Europe) 12,584,000,000
15 Canada (North America) 12,494,100,000
16 Brazil (South America) 10,360,000,000
17 Netherlands (Europe) 9,747,600,000
18 Israel (Asia) 9,567,000,000
19 Taiwan (Asia) 8,214,000,000
20 Poland (Europe) 6,474,000,000
21 Korea, Democratic People’s Republic (Asia) 6,449,000,000
22 Iran (Asia) 6,329,000,000
23 Mexico (North America) 6,143,000,000
24 Greece (Europe) 5,890,000,000
25 Sweden (Europe) 5,483,000,000
26 Argentina (South America) 5,482,600,000
27 Norway (Europe) 5,168,100,000
28 Belgium (Europe) 4,826,800,000
29 Pakistan (Asia) 4,789,000,000
30 Portugal (Europe) 4,426,700,000
31 Chile (South America) 4,340,000,000
32 Colombia (South America) 4,273,000,000
33 Denmark (Europe) 4,176,800,000
34 Switzerland (Europe) 4,011,000,000
35 South Africa (Africa) 3,914,000,000
36 Algeria (Africa) 3,376,200,000
37 Kuwait (Asia) 3,228,000,000
38 Czech Republic (Europe) 3,086,000,000
39 Malaysia (Asia) 2,807,900,000
40 Finland (Europe) 2,724,000,000
41 Morocco (Africa) 2,577,400,000
42 Thailand (Asia) 2,546,000,000
43 Egypt (Africa) 2,521,200,000
44 Austria (Europe) 2,518,900,000
45 Syria, Arab Republic (Asia) 2,246,000,000
46 Angola (Africa) 2,190,000,000
47 Libya (Africa) 2,047,000,000
48 Venezuela (South America) 1,684,400,000
49 Hungary (Europe) 1,567,800,000
50 Qatar (Asia) 1,525,000,000
National Defense Budget.

This country comparison takes 157 countries into account.

Defense spending statistics

feature value
Number of countries covered 157
average 7,953,190,382.17
Median 328,000,000
minimum 600,000
maximum 567,800,000,000

The front runner invests significantly more in military spending than other countries

A look at the top 50 countries with the highest defense spending for the military reveals that the investment amounts differ significantly from one another. There are already clear differences between first place and the successor positions. After all, countries equip their military with weapons and defense costs for various reasons. And one country is unbeaten in international comparison – the USA. By far the United States ranks first as the country with the highest military spending. In 2017 alone, the country invested a total of $ 610 billion in the military. In an international comparison, this amount corresponds to a total of 35 percent of all military expenditure. According to statements by SIPRI – the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute – expenditure has steadily fallen since 2010. See for Europe’s largest countries by population and area.

China: investment sums in the billions

For many, it is certainly not surprising that China secured second place in the armaments ranking. In contrast to the US, China is said to have invested around 228 billion dollars in defense for the military, according to SIPRI. The People’s Republic has almost doubled its share of the costs since 2008 – a considerable sum. Specialists from SIPRI could only estimate the military expenditure of Saudi Arabia. Still, the institute estimates that the country invested approximately $ 69.4 billion. This value corresponds to roughly one tenth of the gross domestic product. That is why Saudi Arabia has secured third place. The trend is upwards. Since 2008, total annual military defense spending has increased 34 percent.

Russia is investing more and more costs in its military defense

Russia ranks next. There is also a clear upward trend in this country, as Russia invests more than less money in military spending each year. A similar situation prevails with the fifth-placed India. This state is clearly arming itself. In 2017, the state invested around $ 63.9 billion in the military. These costs are 45 percent higher than in 2008. This strong increase is presumably due to the booming economy. Another reason could be the dollar’s exchange rate. It remains to be seen how this trend will develop over the next few years.

Germany is also in the top 10

There are many other countries around the world that invest billions every year in order to be prepared for defense in the event of a military dispute. Many countries spare no expense in increasing their own security. Another example is France, although its defense spending has only increased by around 5 percent since 2008. In contrast, the UK is still investing around $ 47 billion a year. Nevertheless, with this value, Great Britain has a minus of around 15 percent over the past decade. Countries like South Korea and Germany join Japan. Because Germany also grew by almost 9 percent in a ten-year comparison. Nevertheless, the share of military spending in the gross domestic product fell slightly from 1.3 to 1.2 percent.

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