Travel to Ayia Napa

By | February 3, 2021

Most people are familiar with the popular resort of Ayia Napa in Cyprus and the destination is widely known for its party life. Many people may associate the place with young people and wild parties, but the fact is that Aiya Napa has a lot to offer all kinds of holidaymakers. Here is something for both seniors and juniors as well as families with children.

The party offer in Aiya Napa is concentrated in the central parts of the resort where the heart consists of a square full of shops, restaurants and nightclubs. The quieter parts of the resort can be found west of this colorful center where there are also comfortable holiday resorts for tourists who prefer to relax instead of partying. The seaside resort of Fig Tree Bay, located right next to Aiya Napa, is much appreciated by families with children. Aiya Thekla is another quiet and tourist-friendly beach near the western parts of the resort.

When it comes to fantastic beaches, Aiya Napa boasts one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. The famous tourist magnet Nissi Beach which consists of 500 meters of sandy beach protected by a scenic bay is located here. The range of beach-friendly beaches is large and just outside Aiya Napa there are also Konnos Beach and Makronissos Beach, for example.

If you love nature, you can also visit Cape Greco, which is located just outside the city with one of Cyprus’ highlights in terms of beauty. It is a huge cliff on a headland in the sea that has become very popular for its clear water. If you enjoy snorkeling or diving, this nature reserve is a popular excursion destination where you can, among other things, jump straight into the sea from the surrounding cliffs.

In the middle of Ayia Napa’s center is the place’s famous monastery with its monastery square in the spotlight. The monastery is from the Middle Ages and the church is said to have been carved from the adjacent rock. The area is a popular place for meditation and next door there are squares with both stalls and cafes. Furthermore, the resort also has a lot of nice walking paths and the port of Aiya Napa is a popular hub of small cozy fish restaurants and quaint pubs. The destination’s excursion boats are also moored and ready to embark on various adventures. If you are alert enough in the morning, you can see the harbor in full commercial early in the morning when the fishing boats dock with the day’s catch.

According to topschoolsoflaw, there are also a number of different attractions to visit in Ayia Napa and the surrounding area for those who want to do other things than sunbathe. Knowledge of Cyprus’ maritime history can be found at the Thalassa Museum. Here are statues, paintings, sculptures and a famous copy of a historic merchant ship from the 300s. Another of Ayia Napa’s attractions includes the tombs of Makronisso, which is an excavation site with 19 tombs and a smaller shrine. The place is peaceful and offers beautiful views with the surrounding sea in the background.

If you want to get a genuine insight into the domestic everyday life, you can take a guided tour to the village of Paralimni which is closest to Aiya Napa. Here you can have coffee at one of the many square cafes and observe passers-by on the way to the beautiful countryside. You can also get here on your own machine with the local bus.

Ayia Napa