Travel to Belize

By | February 13, 2021

If you want to visit a slightly different country in the Caribbean than the usual destinations, then a trip to the adventurous Belize is an excellent choice. Here it almost feels like you have ended up in a mix of Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Mayan culture that is constantly visible. Rainforests, wildlife, outdoor life and relaxation characterize Belize, which is just as suitable for the fearless adventurer as for the peace-thirsty holidaymaker who wants to enjoy a drink or two by the beach.

World class diving

If there is anywhere on earth where you can experience top-class diving, it is in Belize. According to localtimezone, the country has several islands that are the center for professional divers and novices who want to take a look at what is hidden under the surface. Even at the coastal strips, diving is a popular water sport. Two islands that have been put on the map are Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. The latter has become world famous since the 80’s due to Madonna’s song “La Isla Bonita” where she got her inspiration.

There you can dive along mile-long coral reefs and the place The Blue Hole is probably Belize’s most famous haunt for divers. The beauty simply has to be experienced on the spot. On the island is the town of San Pedro, which is also mentioned in the song. It is full of nightclubs, genuine restaurants and small shops where you can bargain and get excited. However, this is a slightly more expensive place, as many Americans vacation here.

Boost your fitness and still your curiosity thanks to Belize’s outdoor life

If you are an animal you are curious about, you should get the best camera and go on a journey of discovery in the jungle and up in the mountains. The many bird species in Belize are perfect for bird watching and if you are lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see it), you can also glimpse the stately, black jaguar.

Hiking, cycling and excursions are mostly combined with visits to caves, the interior of which is full of stalactites and stalagmites. Continue hiking through the jungle and you end up at the Mopan River and Xunantunich – the smaller stronghold of Mayan culture compared to Tikal in Guatemala.

Belize City and Belmopan

Belize has two major cities, one is called Belmopan and is considered the country’s capital. However, the largest city is Belize City and is located on the coast. There are excellent connections to the Caribbean islands and other nearby countries. In many ways, however, Belize City is an industrial city.

Belmopan is located inland and has become the capital due to the fact that Belize City was basically destroyed in the 60s by a hurricane. The administration was then moved to Belmopan. Nowadays, Belmopan is a well-visited city with crowds, cozy cafes and hospitality like no other. If you come here, you are guaranteed to make new friends.

Get around Belize

In Belize, communications are good. Most take the buses that operate in cities and rural areas, but there are also domestic flights and boats as well as taxis in the larger towns. The train network is largely non-existent. Belize City is the hub for boat traffic, which means you can both go to other countries and different islands and discover the coast at sea.