Travel to Costa Rica

By | February 12, 2021

Costa Rica is the country with deep rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls and dreamy beaches. The country is a perfect destination for those who like to surf in high waves, dive in clear blue water or hike in one of the many national parks that Costa Rica has to offer. There is something for everyone here and the country’s unofficial motto “Pura Vida” roughly means “pure life” and that is how people live in the small country of Central America.

According to elaineqho, the atmosphere throughout the country is light-hearted and pleasant, with a focus on eating clean and living in a clean way. On the right peninsula you will find the mythical Santa Theresa. There are many physical activities that can attract travelers; Among other things, the area is known for its Yoga camps and Surf camps. These camps often include food and accommodation and are perfect for the traveler interested in exercise. For those who are looking for a Swedish-speaking camp, there are several good ones to choose from.

Further down the peninsula is the paradise of Montezuma which is a small village with long beaches, national parks with rivers and waterfalls to jump from for those who get hot during the journey of discovery. Along the hiking trails, which occasionally consist of suspension bridges high up in the trees, you are often visited by several different aparts in search of food and out of curiosity. In northern Costa Rica, the landscape changes slightly towards the southern shores and instead finds volcanoes and a little denser jungle that is a must for the hiker who likes challenges.

The country has two international airports. San Jose – which is adjacent to the country’s capital – and Liberia, which is located in the north of the country. Swedish passport holders do not need a visa to enter Costa Rica, but on the other hand, travel often leaves Sweden via the USA and then an ETA is needed, even if you only make a stopover. Here it is also good to make sure that you have enough time for the stopover as it sometimes means that checked baggage must be picked up and handed in again.

Getting around Costa Rica is a time consuming affair. In accordance with the Pura Vida motto, everything goes quite slowly and the roads are in poor condition and sometimes completely impassable. Local buses are the very best way to get there for those who have time. There are also minivans to rent in for those who have to get between a predetermined A and B. Between the peninsula and the hinterland there is a water taxi to go, but note that these are canceled when the water is too wild. There is also a ferry between Puntarenas and Tambor which is convenient for those who need to get from San Jose to the resorts on the peninsula.

Accommodation in Costa Rica is cheap, but often quite spartan. It can be good to book in advance as the very best accommodation runs out quickly, even during the low season. Here are all types of accommodation; everything from luxury hotels on the beach to small huts up in the bush together with the monkeys. Costa Rica is a country that must be experienced on the spot, as the lifestyle and joy of the people quickly spreads and nature can work wonders against the everyday stress we all experience at home from time to time.

Costa Rica