Travel to Cyprus

By | January 31, 2021

Something for everyone

Cyprus is a popular destination for families, fun-loving but also for older couples who just want to take it easy and enjoy the beautiful nature.

The island is beautifully situated in the Mediterranean, close to both Syria and Turkey.
The mild climate that prevails all year round makes the island a great favorite with tourists from all over the world. The temperature stays above 15 degrees all winter, while the summers are hot with temperatures up to 35 degrees.

The landscape in Cyprus consists largely of mountains, but that in turn makes the coastlines beautiful with lots of nice beaches. The food in Cyprus is similar to the Greek, and also has influences from Turkey in that the island has both a Turkish and a Greek side. Most famous is probably the Halloumi cheese that originates from here.

In the capital Nicosia you will find a lively center with shopping and small restaurants. Here is also the border between the Turkish and Greek side, so suddenly you can come across barbed wire and barriers.

Ayia Napa

According to topmbadirectory, Ayia Napa is the island’s largest tourist resort, and is mainly known for its nightlife. Here, young people flock both for the multifaceted nightlife, but also for the sandy beaches, where the most famous is probably Nissi Beach. However, Ayia Napa is more than pubs and restaurants and even families with children often come here as there are water parks and other activities in and around Ayia Napa, which makes it a place that suits most people.

Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay, or Protaras as it is also called, is a quieter place with a focus on sun and swimming. The resort is known for its beautiful beaches that are suitable for families with children as they are shallow. On the main street of Protaras there are restaurants and bars, at a noticeably slower pace than in Ayia Napa. If you want to get to Ayia Napa, it is only 10 minutes away by taxi, or 20 minutes by bus. There is also a small chapel up on the mountain that overlooks the resort, where many people walk to tie the knot in the olive tree that is outside, and pray a little prayer or wish a safe vacation and return home.


Larnaca is Cyprus’ third largest city, mixing nightlife with city life. The old town offers lots of cozy walking paths in and around Larnaca, and for those who like history, the city offers both old forts and ruins, as well as the famous Lazarus Church. The promenade gives an exclusive feeling and the city is really beautiful with its palm-lined walks.


Paphos is, according to legend, the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite, and what better way to spend a love holiday than to take her lover to Aphrodite’s own city? The charming resort with its wonderful harbor is perfect for a quiet holiday on your own, with cozy little villages to get to or vineyards to visit. Here you can stroll around in peace and quiet and enjoy romantic dinners by the sea or watch the sun go down with a good drink in hand.


Limassol is a modern port city that annually attracts thousands of visitors who arrive at the port of Limassol in one of the luxury cruise ships that stop here. The beaches are beautiful, just like in the rest of Cyprus, but the city has a real metropolitan pulse and is significantly more trendy than the other resorts in Cyprus with its shops and malls. A safe card for you who like shopping!

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