Travel to El Salvador

By | February 11, 2021

On the western side of Central America and on the Pacific coast, lies El Salvador. It is the smallest state in Central America and is also the only country that does not have a coast facing the Caribbean Sea. According to itypeauto, the country has often been called the “Land of Volcanoes”, although volcanoes are a common feature throughout Central America. However, it is common to feel both earthquakes, volcanic activity and hurricanes at regular intervals – especially in El Salvador.

El Salvador has long been marked by gang crime and a long civil war of 12 years, but now the conflicts have calmed down and tourism has gained momentum.

Surf in El Salvador

In this small country that is no bigger in area than Uppland and Södermanland together, surfing is the most common occupation when you are not hiking by the majestic volcanoes, of course. The many and wild beaches along the Pacific coast invite to big waves, whistling winds and many hours of sunshine. Some major surfing destinations are El Sunzal, El Zonte, La Libertad and Tamanique. Surfing in El Salvador can be practiced at any time of the year, but January is a particularly good month if you want to experience real waves, while May makes it a little easier for the beginner.
The coastal strip consists of very dramatic beaches where the mountains plunge into the water and the lagoons are surrounded by mangrove trees and sandy beaches where it is usually not full of people.

Cerro Verde Nature Reserve

In El Salvador, it is often not the big cities that attract, but nature. If you want to abandon surfing for a day, a stop in the Cerro Verde nature reserve with 3 terrifying volcanoes is a must. In the valleys below, the coffee plantations are in a row, so once you have climbed the volcano, a little visit there and a coffee break can come in handy. Also do not forget to look into the small city gem Santa Ana where the colonial era is reminded.

Proximity to everything

Anyone who wants to see the whole of El Salvador but worries about how everything can catch up does not have to despair. As the country is so small in size, it is possible to hop on a bus and explore cities, countryside and the coast. Many backpackers have El Salvador as their favorite destination, thanks to the fact that they like to wander around the rest of Central America at the same time. The bus connections with Honduras and Guatemala, for example, are very good.

The coffee culture

If you are Swedish, you probably know the love of coffee. Then you can rejoice that the same feeling is rooted in the inhabitants of El Salvador because the country is one of the world’s largest coffee exporters. This is not least noticeable in all the coffee bars that pop up in the cities and in the countryside, where you can try as many varieties as you like. At these bars and cafĂ©s, it is easy to make new acquaintances and if you are not used to discussing at home, it is time for you to get down to business and get into the lively discussions that the Salvadorans bring to the coffee. In El Salvador people like to hang out and they are very interested in each other’s opinions. Many people experience the people as one of the most positive and cheerful on earth.

El Salvador

Some much needed tips

  • In El Salvador, people are relatively poor at English, so studying a little Spanish before leaving is important.
  • If you travel yourself, a tip is to take the help of an organizer so that you find out everything essential and do not end up in the wrong places.