Travel to Panama

By | February 8, 2021

For those who dare to go far from Sweden’s borders and want to experience an amazing nature, Panama is a clear destination. The total area of ​​the whole country is as small as Svealand, but still they have managed to crowd huge volcanoes, houses that reach all the way up to the clouds and a deep and constantly living rainforest. It is in Panama that you have the opportunity to experience a Native American culture that the outside world has almost forgotten, while you can visit exotic islands, luxury resorts and much more.

Have you planned to visit Panama? Wonderful! Then this text is created for you. Here we will take up some sights in the country that you absolutely must not miss, whether you go here for a sun holiday or to experience the fantastic culture with ancient traditions left.

  • The Panama Canal – You do not visit Panama without visiting the Panama Canal. According to countryvv, the canal was built for a very long time and in many difficult circumstances where millions of people lost their lives. The reason for the construction was to connect the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic and the canal is today one of Panamas with famous and popular attraction. If you want as good a view of the 77-kilometer-long canal as possible, you should visit the lookout tower located in Miraflores.
  • Las Perlas – The Swedish archipelago does not stand a chance against this tropical and beautiful nature that Panama has to offer. The sea area consists of as many as 90 different islands, but so far only 10 of these have been inhabited by humans. In addition, only these 90 have been given a name, the remaining 100 islands around have not yet been named. For those who want a different hotel experience, you should visit the island of San José and stay at the hotel Hacienda del Mar.
  • Bocas del Toro – Simply put, Bocas del Toro is an archipelago located northwest of Panama. Tourists flock here all year round and it does not matter if you are out diving, hiking in the jungle, watching exotic birds or if you want to party all night long. You travel here easily even if you only have a few kroner left in your pocket. There are lots of budget hotels to check in and in addition, the activities are rarely particularly expensive. Try snorkeling in icy water or try life on a sailboat. It is clear that the island is under constant development and it will not be long before the small island you saw on the website is soon a well-stocked and constantly populated island that is constantly rolling.
  • San Blas – Endless chalk-white beaches, meandering rivers and mountains filled with rainforest. This is exactly what you will experience in San Blas. The nature here is unlike anything you have seen before and the absolute best thing is that the place is almost completely free of tourists. It is in San Blas that the Kuna Indians have their home and country and there are clear rules and laws about how the place may be treated. By choosing privately owned hotels from the Kuna Indians, you have the opportunity to live in the middle of this beautiful country and at the same time get to experience the different and fantastic culture that exists around you.