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By | October 27, 2021

The smooth surface of the rolling dunes of fine-grained sand dunes is only occasionally graveled by the tracks of camels and Bedouins on their way to the market in an oasis town. On the coast, skyscrapers and luxury hotels tower in imaginative designs that are reflected in the shiny waters of the Persian Gulf. The United Arab Emirates has successfully combined traditional Bedouin lifestyles with Western consumer and urban culture. Instead of colliding, conservative Islamic faiths and Western liberalism radiate together in perfect harmony. Visit computerdo for Middle East Tourism.

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Population: 7.9 million

Capital: Abu Dhabi

Language: Arabic

the world’s most comprehensive fully automatic metro is in Dubai? As many as 87 completely CO2-neutral trains are in service.

only 17% of the population comes from the United Arab Emirates? The rest are immigrants from different countries.

Sources of income in the United Arab Emirates

The seven small united sheikh reviews have the oil discoveries of the 1960s to thank because they now belong to one of the richest countries in the world. In the past, the population supported itself on pearls picked up by divers in the Persian Gulf, extensive trade with China in particular, and a notorious piracy that forced Britain to force the emirates to a ceasefire in the 19th century. Today, tourism is the largest source of income and great efforts are being made to attract the most affluent travelers. The city of Dubai is therefore home to what is said to be the world’s best hotel in the sail-shaped building Burj Al Arab. Here, the smallest room is a suite of 170 m2. Other ways to withdraw foreign currency are to sell entire islands in the construction projects “The World” and “Palm Islands”.


In addition to the many tourists who visit the seven sheikhs’s each year, more and more of whom also invest in apartments, houses or artificial islands, the United Arab Emirates is mostly populated by permanent residents of other nationalities. As many as three quarters of the population consist of guest workers from India and Pakistan in particular. This has led to a very unequal distribution of gender and age as most guest workers are men between 20 and 60 years. Women can treat themselves to being picky as they begin to approach adulthood – there are twice as many men as women.

Attractions in Dubai

Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates’ most popular travel destinations and can be described as a crossroads between Manhattan and One Thousand and One Nights: Exotic markets are crowded next to lavish shopping malls teeming with international branded products. Dubai also offers spectacular golf courses, fantastic beaches and sailing trips in the traditional dhow boats that were previously used during trade trips to China. The Dubai traveler can also take advantage of an excursion to the desert’s sand oceans and lush oases – for example with a camel’s back as a means of transport. Other cities that can add an adventurous touch to a holiday in the United Arab Emirates are beautiful Fujairah and Abu Dhabi, the latter of which is a modern city with remnants of times gone by in the form of mosques and the old Al-Hosn Palace.

Climate United Arab Emirates

Here you can read about the climate in the United Arab Emirates – see weather and temperature for Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Daytime temperature 24 25 28 32 37 39 41 40 39 35 31 26
Night temperature 14 15 17 20 24 26 29 29 26 23 18 15
Precipitation (mm) 11 36 22 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 14
Abu Dhabi
Daytime temperature 24 25 29 33 38 40 42 42 40 36 31 26
Night temperature 12 13 16 19 23 25 28 29 26 22 18 14
Precipitation (mm) 4 42 25 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 9

The United Arab Emirates has a subtropical climate with hot summers and hot winters. It is warmest in July and August with maximum temperatures of up to 50 ºC in some areas. The rainy season falls between January – March but the precipitation is very small. It is rain-free between April – November.

Travel to the United Arab Emirates