USA – The Southern States

By | October 3, 2021

The southern states of the USA. Those states that make up the south in every current definition are deep red, the hatched states that are usually also meant, which are rarely included, brighter.

The southern states (also called Dixieland) are a large region in the southeastern United States. According to the geographically oriented definition of the United States Census Bureau, the southern states consist of a total of 16 states with almost 100 million residents on 2,384,143 kmĀ². These are those 15 more eastern states

The southern states of the USA

Anyone who watches American series or films more often has probably already noticed that the southern states of the USA are mentioned relatively often there. This state division is located south of the Mason-Dixon Line, which lies on the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. In addition to Texas, which is considered the state with the most residents among the southern states, southern states are also known for the fact that slavery existed here until 1865. In addition, the southern states also went down in the country’s history when they sparked the civil war with the northern states by leaving the common union during the time of Abraham Lincoln. The totality of all states in the USA was only restored through the ensuing Civil War.

The division of the southern states

Since the southern states are divided into a large number of different states, very different regions have formed over the years. So there is the Old South area here today. It is located on the east coast and includes the states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The Upper South area is located in the northern part of the southern states and includes Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas. In the very south of the confederation is the Deep South Region. The states of South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are at home here.

The history of the southern states

The region around what is now the southern United States was first settled by the Mississippi Indians around the year 800. In addition to agriculture, they were best known for the settlement of cities. The largest city of the time was called Cahokia and was near the confluence of the two rivers Missouri and Mississippi. In the 13th century, the population density suddenly began to decline in this area, which continued well into the 16th century. During this time there was still brisk trade among the Indian tribes, including the Quapaw, Biloxi, Pamunkey, Shawnee, Cherokee, Tuscarora, Westos, Hasinai, Atakapa, Tunica and Appalache, but these were no longer as successful as in previous centuries.

The first Spanish expeditions, which were undertaken by Hernando de Soto and far inland, took place between 1528 and 1540. This in turn meant that the use of weapons and the diseases that were brought in caused the number of Indians to decline even further. In 1585 Walter Raleigh founded the first English city in the USA on Roanoke Island in the state of North Carolina. However, this did not exist for long, so that the city of Jamestown was founded in the state of Virginia around 1607, which was able to establish itself as an English city for longer. In the later years other cities from other countries were added.

Around 1776, of the 13 founding states, the six states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia were among the southern states that were accepted into the union. By 1845, the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Florida and Texas were added to the southern states of the Union. In these slavery was allowed.

The voting rights of the southern states to this day

When electing the president, the population figures of the individual states are particularly important, as they also have an influence on the electorate or MPs. Therefore, the question arose at that time whether the slaves in the southern states should count in the election. After extensive discussions, three fifths of the slaves could be counted as votes in the end. This also led to the fact that the southern states still have more votes in the elections than originally expected, despite the fact that slavery has long ceased to exist.

USA - The Southern States


As you already know, when it comes to culture, the southern states are best known for their music. Famous musical styles such as gospel, jazz and blues were created here. The city of New Orleans in particular is an important milestone for many jazz and blues artists. The town of Memphis gained great popularity not only because of its musical love for blues and soul. The famous Elvis Presley, who cultivated rock n roll like no other, also came from here. And whoever comes to Nashville can feel the flair of country music everywhere. The southern states have also shaped Dixieland Jazz, Diry South and Southern Rock.

In addition, there are a few other differences to other regions of the USA. While in the 19th century the states of the north slowly used more and more industry, agriculture was more of a strong branch in the south. The cultivation of gens on plantations along the coast stood out in particular. Most of the workers employed there belonged to the slaves, since slavery was allowed in the southern part of the city at that time. This ultimately also had the consequence that there were considerable, economically determined differences between the owners of the plantations in the valley region and the small farmers who fought their agriculture along the Papache.

The social society

The socio-cultural contrasts between the states of the northern region and the southern states also have some differences, which are noticeable in all social classes. These also have an impact on the political levels of the individual states. These contrasts also mean that some Americans sometimes call the white residents, who come from the poorer strata of the southern states, Reinecks. You can also find some differences in the language and dialect. In some regions of the southern states, the southern twist is widespread.

The religion of the south

The region in the south also stands out a little when it comes to religions. A larger area belongs to the so-called Bible Bell. This is particularly known for his intensive practice of the Christian faith. In some Ortner along the south of Statten it may be the case that there are many churches to be found even in smaller parishes. In addition, the Baptist congregation is also located in large numbers in the south of Statten.