Various Children’s DIY to Finish The Vacation in ManoMano

Seven days so that classes start in most of the schools, we have to the children at home, muuucho more excited than of usual, bound books, backpacks ready, the sportswear and uniforms ready… and nothing to do.

From ManoMano propose Children’s DIY According to your age range, so that these last days of holiday they are so funny (or almost) as the previous two months have been.

The best DIY for children 3 to 5 years:

Essential requirements:

follow simple instructions, learn to group objects and manipulate, learn to draw simple shapes, use scissors for children, to participate in an activity over a long period of time

Your ideal craft is…!PAINT!
Put a paper and some paint, and your children will enjoy like crazy. It is as true as that two and two are four, but if you want to make the experience even more fun to a little twist. That your child uses the feet and hands to create amazing drawings, ducks, butterflies, flowers and radiant Suns… The brush will serve to finish them off with some detail. Ultimately framed them and decorate your walls with their first creations.

The best DIY for children 5 to 8 years:

Essential requirements:

fully manage your own body, dominate the left concept and right, an urgent need to investigate the operation of things, enjoy group activities, sending, at this age need to participate in decisions

Your ideal craft is…!DECORATE!
The pots are the perfect object to allow your children to stop carrying by the inspiration and creativity. They can decorate and customize them as they want, and what is even better, learn planted their first seeds and grow plants with the responsibility that entails. The experience is not only educational but also really rewarding for them because it allows them to create a new life.

The best DIY for children 8 to 13 years:

Essential requirements:

The “preteens” demand more independence, create strong bonds with their friends, their attention span has been expanded (when the activity, interests them he is understood, if not forget you!)

Your ideal craft is… your own DIY!
The coasters are going to always be a good idea, but introduce you to the world of electricity is not bad idea. Our children can do them as a gift, but also that the family use them. And if you do it over with recycled materials, not only are going to have them original but also cheap and ecological.

From ManoMano We offer all the products that we may need for these Children’s DIY, a good way to develop their skills, have fun and that the last days of holiday unforgettable.